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Zodiacal Meditations

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Much progress towards right understanding of astrology will come later when certain new meditations on the twelve signs of the zodiac are made available. When the world again settles down to calmer living and conditions are adjusted to a more stable rhythm, these new meditations can form a potent source of usefulness in "brightening the web of life" and in producing more effective spiritual living among men.


In the Science of Triangles (a significant part of the Science of Esoteric Astrology in the Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe) the following statement is of great importance:

Now at the beginning of the 21st century it seems appropriate to bring these teaching also through the Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe forward so that world-aspirants and pledged disciples can learn of an empowering by the Spiritual Will and to align with and strengthen the Soul purpose that chose our individual and ashramic astrological configurations.

Research needed before starting the zodiacal meditations

1. The 12 meditations that has to be discovered by every disciple, have two important “points of crisis”:
a. The 12 seed thoughts that contain the potent factor in the process.
b. The 12 symbols that constitute the precipitating agency of the energy invoked and evoked.

2. The 12 symbols are:
a. Expressive of the quality of the Rising Sign.
b. Indicative exoterically of the relation between the Rising Sign and the Sun Sign.
c. Precipitating the evoked energy.

3. The objectives of the meditation process are:
a. To produce a relation between the Sun Sign and the Rising Sign.
b. To bring in the potency of the Rising Sign to the personality life in full expression eventually.
c. To fuse the three energies of the Sun Sign, the Rising Sign and the Opposing Sign by the process of invocation and evocation.

4. These three potencies are:
a. Precipitated by the symbol.
b. Fused in the seed thought.
c. Transmitted by the esoteric planet to the required receptive center.

The point of major reception is ever the awakening head center, and the inflowing energy is distributed from there to the receiving point.

5. The process in the consciousness of the disciple is as follows:
a. The disciple focuses himself in the Sun Sign.
b. He meditates upon the potencies and qualities of the Rising Sign.
c. He visions fulfillment and achievement in the Opposing Sign.

6. These meditations are only Part 1 of the full meditation formula.
a. They are concerned with the realization of the purpose of the energy, embodied in the Rising Sign.
b. They deal with the effects of the evoked energy in relation to the Sun Sign.
c. They release the energy of the Rising Sign, express Soul purpose and bring the Will into action.

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