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Twelve Lights of the zodiac

The twelve Lights of the zodiac


The entire theme of the zodiac can be approached from the angle of light and its unfolding and increasing radiance and of the gradual demonstration in what is called, "the glory of the One." The mode of the development of this inner light and of its externalisation must remain - from the standpoint of its cosmic effects - one of the secrets of initiation and this for a long time to come. It will, however, not be out of place if we were to give symbolically certain phrases and sentences which will indicate (for each sign) this "growth of light in light," as it is esoterically called, bearing in mind that we are attempting to express conditions connected with the soul whose essential nature is light. This soul-light affects the form as evolution proceeds and produces sequentially the revelation of that form, and of the nature of space-time as well as of the goal.


1. Aries


The Light of Life Itself.


This is the dim point of light found at the centre of the cycle of manifestation, faint and flickering. It is the "searchlight of the Logos, seeking that which can be used" for divine expression.


2. Taurus


The penetrating Light of the Path.


This is a beam of light, streaming forth from the point in Aries, and revealing the area of light control.


3. Gemini


The Light of Interplay.


This is a line of light beams, revealing that which opposes or the basic duality of manifestation, the relationship of spirit and of form. It is the conscious light of that relationship.


4. Cancer


The Light within the form.


This is the diffused light of substance itself, the "dark light" of matter, referred to in The Secret Doctrine. It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul light.


5. Leo


The Light of the Soul.


A reflected point of light logoic, or divine. The light diffused in Cancer focusses and reveals eventually a point.


6. Virgo


The blended dual Light.


Two lights are seen - bright and strong, the light of form; one faint and dim, the light of God. This light is distinguished by a waxing of one and the waning of the other. It differs from the light in Gemini.


7. Libra


The Light that moves to rest.


This is the light that oscillates until a point of balance is achieved. It is the light, which is distinguished by a moving up and down.


8. Scorpio


The Light of Day.


This is the place where three lights meet - the light of form, the light of soul, and the light of life. They meet; they blend; they rise.

9. Sagittarius

A beam of directed, focussed Light.

In this the point of light becomes the beam, revealing a greater light ahead and illumining the way to the centre of the light.


10. Capricorn


The Light of Initiation.


This is the light which clears the way to the mountain top, and produces transfiguration, thus revealing the rising sun.


11. Aquarius


The Light that shines on Earth, across the sea.

This is the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone.


12 Pisces


The Light of the World.


This is the light, revealing the light of life itself. It ends for ever the darkness of matter.

A study of the above thoughts will reveal the symbolic story of the irradiation of matter, of the growth of the light body within the macrocosm and the microcosm, and finally make clear the purpose of the Logos. 

The esoteric growth of Light

The Light of Life Itself.
Keynote: Aries turns towards Capricorn.
The penetrating Light on the Path

Keynote: Taurus rushes blindly, until Sagittarius directs.

The Light of Interplay.
Keynote: Gemini moves towards Libra.
The Light within the form.
Keynote: Cancer visions life in Leo.
The Light of the Soul.
Keynote: Leo seeks release in Scorpio.
The blended dual Light.

Keynote: Virgo hides the light which irradiates the world in Aquarius.

The Light that moves to rest.
Keynote: Libra relates the two in Gemini.
The Light of Day.
Keynote: Scorpio stages the release of Leo.
A beam of directed, focussed Light.

Keynote: Sagittarius, the disciple becomes the Saviour in Pisces.

The Light of Initiation.
Keynote: Capricorn consummates the work of Scorpio.
The Light that shines on Earth,
across the sea.
Keynote: Aquarius releases Virgo from her load.
The Light of the World.
Keynote: Pisces takes from all the signs.