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When you are told that the shortest way is through Shamballa, through Kalachakra, it means that achievement is not an unattainable ideal, but that it is something which may be attained through sincere and industrious aspiration here, upon this very earth and in this very incarnation. This is the Teaching of Shamballa.

He who sees in the dark light of Shamballa penetrates to that which lies beyond our little sphere to that which can be sensed behind the holy triangle (Venus, Mercury, the Earth). There is to be found the point of radiant fire which shines within the eye (Taurus), which burns upon the mountain-top (Capricorn) and which the water cannot quench (Aquarius). These are the holiest three.

Four major quarternaries:

  • The Monad relates the initiate to the Will of God, to the Council at Shamballa, to forces active on the planet Pluto, and on another planet which must remain nameless, and also to the Central Spiritual Sun.
  • The Soul relates the initiate to the Love of God, to the consciousness aspect of Deity, to the Hierarchy as a whole, entering it through the Ashram of the Master Who has aided him to take initiation, to the planets Venus and Mercury, to the Sun Sirius, and to the Heart of the Sun.
  • The Personality relates the initiate to the Mind of God, to the intelligence principle of the planetary Life, to humanity as a whole, to Saturn and Mars, and to the physical Sun through its pranic aspect.
  • The Life aspect of the planet, or that great ocean of forces in which all these three aspects live and move and have their being, relates the initiate to that Life which works out through Shamballa, through the Hierarchy and through Humanity, thus forming part of the great sumtotal of manifestation.

Reason of the research on the teaching "The Way into Shamballa"

One of the major reasons is that the first (will or power) and the second (love-wisdom) rays work closely together; love and will are closely identified on the higher levels of consciousness and service; the two basic energies in reality constitute one great expression of divine planning and purpose.

The next reason is that simplicity of the soul opens the Way into Shamballa.

In writing that the simplicity of the soul opens the way into Shamballa - that is an essential key statement - are meant those upon the second ray who fall generally speaking into two groups:

1. Souls on the love aspect of the second ray tread one or other of the various paths, primarily that of the World Saviours; They become the divine Psychologists and World Teachers. The Coming One combined in Himself all these three great traits. This group is distinguished by pure love.

Souls on the wisdom aspect of the second ray go to Shamballa and join the great Council in some capacity or another. Such a one was the Buddha. Of this group which finds its way into Shamballa a developed simplicity will be found to govern all relations.

Those in this second group of souls upon the second ray likewise fall into two groups. They follow:
  • a. the way of specialized detail and
  • b. of a comprehensive inclusiveness,

         and are the outstanding occultists.

Simplicity and unity are related

simplicity is:

  • one-pointedness of outlook, free from glamour and the intricacies of the thoughtform-making mind;
  • clarity of purpose and steadfastness in intention and in effort, untrammelled by questioning and devious introspection;

simplicity leads to:

  • simple loving, asking nothing in return;
  • silence - not silence as an escape mechanism, but as an "occult retention of speech."

Shamballa as the theme of meditation, study and practice

Some key thoughts for this comprehensive study we can give to you, and if you will use them as the theme of your meditation as a contribution to the academic work, light upon the subject may break forth. Out of the work which you will accomplish thus in meditation (using the heart centre as a balance for the head) you will greatly enrich the work of the Hierarchy in the coming years.

Mail us when you want to enrich the hierarchical work, we sent you the Shamballa meditation key-thoughts: academyofwisdomteaching@gmail.com

Deep reflection – soul motive – simplicity – the call

This coming period of deep reflection upon Shamballa, entailing as it will

1.     the entire problem of the Will (in its various aspects),

2.     of purpose as it works out in the planet,

3.     and of will as it conditions the human being, will bring to the fore in your
        consciousness the various relations existing between the differing aspects of
        the will:

a.     the relation of your individual self-will to the loving plan of the soul,

b.     of that will to the divine Will,

c.     of your spiritual will to the group will,

d.     of the group will to the Hierarchy,

e.     and of the hierarchical will to that of Shamballa.
You will find all these to be intensely practical considerations.
The question of motive will immediately enter in, for motive underlies will in a most curious manner, and motive "substands" purpose.

The result of this entire process of thinking will be the subjugation into soul motive, and therefore, we shall have the simplification of your life and the opening up of a wider vision into the monadic life of Shamballa.

Shamballa and simplicity, will and motive, will become the directing currents of thought which will sweep you on your way, closer to the Ashram, nearer to the Masters heart (and here I am speaking both lovingly and technically), and nearer and closer to humanity.

The call of Shamballa, the call of the Ashram, and the call of the exoteric group have sounded forth. You have forgotten perhaps that if you stand at the midway point you have immediate access to both "points of call."

Yet we had a purpose and a reason in suggesting this theme. It was not just to have a research (e-)reader which would be of service to disciples, but because it was essential - as part of the pre-initiation tests - to bring in some of the Shamballa force to their consciousness. It was the impact of this Shamballa force which disciples on the second ray of wisdom can touch and to which they can intelligently respond. As you consider the theme of Shamballa you bring yourself in contact with the energy emanating from Shamballa. And with the theme The Way into Shamballa much of that Shamballa force will be transmuted along constructive lines and creative endeavour.

The concept of Shamballa is actually linked inseparably with fiery manifestations. Without the application of purified Fire it is impossible to approach the higher concepts. Throughout the entire world people are divided into those who are conscious of Shamballa as the Highest Measure and those who deny the future.

I, Ruler of Shamballa say, "The principle of life is the affirmation of the expanse of cosmic energy and the way of creative Fire!”

“If people would realize that, in essence, Shamballa is the Source which creates a new and better step for humanity!”

“That which is from the Cosmos will dwell with the Beauty of the Cosmos-thus saith the Lord of Shamballa.”

“In the Tibetan language, "Rigden" is a part of the title of the Lord of Shamballa.

"Kalachakra" (the Wheel of Time, or the Wheel of the Law) is the Teaching ascribed to the various Lords of Shamballa. Traces of this Teaching can be found in almost all the philosophical systems and teachings of India.

At the present time, it is perhaps more known in Tibet. But in reality this Teaching is the Great Revelation brought to humanity at the dawn of its conscious evolution in the third race of the fourth cycle of Earth by the Lords of Fire, the Sons of Reason who were and are the Lords of Shamballa.”

“When the procession carrying the Image of Shamballa shall pass through the lands of Buddha and return to the first source,

Then shall arrive the time of the pronunciation of the sacred word of Shamballa.
Then shall one receive merit from the pronouncement of this Name.
Then shall the thought of Shamballa provide sustenance.
Then shall the affirmation of Shamballa become the source of all works, and
gratitude to Shamballa their end.
And great and small shall be filled with understanding of the Teaching”.

"Sacred Shamballa is pictured in impenetrable armor, amidst swords and spears. Solemnly I affirm: Shamballa is invincible!”

Verily, each one may attain it. Verily, each one may hear the pronounciation of the word, Kalagya (the sacred call to Shamballa);

The disciple's response to the call: "I come, Lord! Kalagya." (Agni Yoga)

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