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The Rays - Seven rays embody seven ideas

It should be remembered that each ray embodies an idea, which can be sensed as an ideal. The rays in time produce the world pattern, which moulds all planetary forms and thus bears witness to the inner potency of the evolutionary processes. This pattern-forming tendency is being recognised today by modern psychology in connection with the human being and his emotional or thought patterns are being charted and studied. So it is with the nations and races also. Every ray produces three major patterns, which are imposed upon the form nature, whether it be that of a man, a nation or a planet. These three patterns are: the emotional pattern, embodying the aspiration of a man, a nation or a race; it is the sum total of the desire tendency at any one time; the mental pattern, emerging later in time and governing the thought processes of a man, a nation or a race. The emotional and mental patterns are the negative and positive aspects of the personality of a man, a nation or a race.

The soul pattern is the pre-disposing and spiritual goal, the ring-pass-not or destiny, which the spiritual principle succeeds eventually in imposing upon the personality of a man, a nation or a race.

This soul pattern eventually supersedes and obliterates the two earlier pattern-producing processes.

The basic energies – the Seven Rays

To understand what is today taking place we must recognise that these energies are seven in number. They are called by many names in many different lands, but for our purposes the following seven names will be used the energy of:

1. Will, Purpose or Power - called in Christian lands the energy of the Will of God.
2. Love-Wisdom - called frequently the Love of God.
3. Active Intelligence - called the Mind of God.
4. Harmony through Conflict - affecting greatly the human family.
5. Concrete Knowledge or Science - so potent at this time.
6. Devotion or Idealism - producing the current ideologies.
7. Ceremonial Order - producing the new forms of civilisation.

These energies are ceaselessly playing on humanity, producing changes, expressing themselves through successive civilisations and cultures, and fashioning the many races and nations.

This in no way infringes upon man's freewill; these forces have both their higher and their lower aspects and men respond to them according to their mental and spiritual development, and so do nations and races as a whole. Humanity has reached a point today where there is a most sensitive response to that which is higher and better.

Five energies active today

There are five energies (and there are usually five dominant ray energies active at any time) coming into play:

1. Those energie(s), which are passing out of manifestation (but not subjectively), as the
     sixth Ray of Devotion is at this time passing out.

2. Those energie(s), which are coming into manifestation or incarnation, as the
     seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or (re)organization is at this time emerging into expression.

3. Those energie(s), which are - at any given time - expressing the ray type of the bulk of the manifesting
    humanity; today these ray types are predominantly
    the second and the third ray and 
    large numbers of first ray souls are also to be found acting as focal points for certain first ray forces.

4. Those energie(s), which are today being invoked as the result of human need and human demand for
    succour. This demand curiously enough remains largely in the realm of the first ray influence for:

    the desperate need of humanity is evoking the will aspect and that ray embodies the divine will-to-good
    and remains immutable
and is being invoked on a large scale.

This statement is definitely encouraging if you study its implications.

You have, therefore, in the present field of divine expression the following energies manifesting:

1. The energy of idealism, of devotion or of devoted attention, embodied in the sixth ray.

2. The energy whose major function it is to produce order, rhythm and established, sequential activity,
    the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Ritual.

3. The energy of the second ray, which is always basically present in our solar system, that of love-wisdom, to which many of the souls now in incarnation belong and will increasingly belong. The next one hundred and fifty years will see them coming into incarnation. The reason is that it is to this type of human being that the work of reconstruction, and of re-building is naturally committed.

4. The energy of intelligence, actively displayed in creative activity, the third ray. The creative ability of the future will emerge on a relatively large scale in the realm of creative living and not so much in the realm of creative art. This creative living will express itself through a new world of beauty and of recognised divine expression; through the outer form, the "light of livingness" (as it is esoterically called) will show. The symbol and that for which it stands will be known and seen. This is the energy of the third Ray of Active Intelligence, working towards the manifestation of beauty.

5. The energy of the will aspect of divinity, the first ray. This has been but little expressed and understood by humanity up to the present, but the time has now come when it must be better comprehended. The demand from our innumerable planetary forces has not hitherto been adequate to invoke it and for its invocation the great Lord of the World has patiently waited. The call has now gone forth. Its first faint notes were heard two hundred years ago and the sound and demand has increased in volume and potency until today this great energy is making its presence unmistakably felt.

These five energies together will determine the trend of world affairs.

The problem before the Hierarchy at this time is so to direct and control these powerful activities that the Plan can be rightly materialised and in the beginning of the 21st century we see the purposes of God for the planet and for humanity assume right direction and proportion.

In this way, the new culture for the relatively few and the new civilisation for the many during the coming age will start in such a manner that the peoples of the earth can go forward into an era of peace and true development - spiritual and material.

Ray I

The most obvious and powerful force in the world today is that of the first Ray of Will and Power. It works out in two ways:

1. As the will of God in world affairs, which is ever the will-to-good. Steadily - if you study human history intelligently - you will see that there has been a regular and rhythmic progression toward unity and synthesis in all departments of human affairs. This unity in multiplicity is the Eternal Plan - a unity in consciousness, a multiplicity in form.

2. As the destructive element in world affairs. This refers to man's use of this force of will which is seldom as yet the will-to-good in active expression, but something which leads to self-assertion (of the individual or the nation) and to war with its accompaniments - separation, selfish diplomacy, hate and armaments, disease and death.

This is the force, which pours into the world from the major world centre, Shamballa.

Ray II

The next great energy, which is making its potent contribution to the present world situation is that of the second Ray of Love Wisdom, Christ's ray. This energy is poured into the world through the second great planetary centre, which we call The Hierarchy. The energy which is concentrated in this centre and which is manipulated by the initiates and the Masters is making one of its cyclic impacts upon the Earth and - as explained in "A Treatise on the Seven Rays" (A.A. Bailey) - is also making one of its major cyclic Approaches to humanity.

The energy flowing through the Hierarchy at this time - the energy of love-wisdom - is seeking to blend with that which is flowing out of Shamballa and is needed in order to make the desired application of it.

The Shamballa energy prepares the way for the energy of the Hierarchy.

The problem of the Hierarchy at this time is to produce a wise and adequate fusion of the Shamballa and the hierarchial energies and thus temper destruction and bring to the fore the spirit of construction, setting in motion the building and rehabilitating forces of the second ray energy.

This energy of love-wisdom is primarily concentrated (for purposes of hierarchical activity) in the New Group of World Servers. This group has been chosen by the Hierarchy as its main channel of expression. This group, composed as it is of all world disciples and all working initiates, finds its representatives in every group of idealists and servers and in every body of people who express human thought, particularly in the realm of human betterment and uplift. Through them, the potency of love-wisdom can express itself. These people are frequently misunderstood, for the love, which they express differs widely from the sentimental, affectionate personal interest of the average worker. They are occupied mainly with the interests and the good of the whole group with which they may be associated; they are not primarily concerned with the petty interests of the individual - occupied with his little problems and concerns. This brings such a server under the criticism of the individual and with this criticism they must learn to live and to it they must pay no attention. True group love is of more importance than personal relationships, though those are met as need arises. Disciples learn to grasp the need of group love and to amend their ways in conformity with group good, but it is not easy for the self-interested individual to grasp the difference. Through the medium of those disciples who have learned the distinction between the petty concerns of the individual plus his interest in himself and the necessities and urgencies of group work and love, the Hierarchy can work and so bring about the needed world changes, which are primarily changes in consciousness.


The third major energy upon which we shall touch here is that of intelligent activity - the potency of the third ray. This finds its expression through the third major centre on the planet; this centre, we call Humanity. The evocation of a loving intelligent response to the Shamballa impulse, stepped down by the Hierarchy, is that to which this world centre should respond. This is rapidly and, as I have told you, satisfactorily, happening. A definite world effect is being produced and the New Group of World Servers has given much aid in this. They have interpreted, explained and assisted the processes of evoking the latent love in human beings, which, in its initial and unformed stages, exists in the form of an inchoate goodwill.

Rays VI and VII

We have now considered the three major energies, which are pouring into our planetary life at this time through the three major centres. It remains for us now to shortly consider the energy of the two minor rays, the sixth and the seventh, which are in many ways of more immediate moment to the masses and of tremendous effectiveness. One is of moment because of its pronounced hold and because of the crystallisation it has produced particularly in the world of thought, and the other because its hold and its power, its influence and its effects will be of an increasing momentum. One is potent in producing the necessity for the present chaos; the other is potential and holds in its activity the seeds of the future. This is a fact of great interest and of really practical import. It takes us, moreover, into the realm of prevision.

So, there are at this time, two minor rays (which are rays of attribute) affecting powerfully the destiny of mankind. These are the sixth Ray of Abstract Devotion or Idealism and the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Organisation. The sixth ray began to pass out of manifestation in 1625 after a long period of influence, whilst the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order began to come into manifestation in 1675.

Development of human consciousness

For advanced humanity the sequence of the recognition of these expansions of consciousness is as follows:

1. The world of psychical living. This requires the recognition, by the brain consciousness, of the need for mental and spiritual control, as the first step.

2. The world of mental unfoldment.

3. The world of the soul, the individualised man. When these recognitions are established in the aspirant, then there comes the recognition by the disciple of the Master Who should guide him.

4. The control of the physical plane life by the soul.

5. The functioning and the utilisation of the psychic powers and their place and part in the field of intelligent service.

6. The interpretative faculty of the illumined mind.

7. An inspired creative life upon the physical plane.

In that development of the racial consciousness, the process does not necessarily follow the above seven stages and sequence. This is owing to the stimulation and consequent sensitising of the form aspect through:

  • the increased radiation and potency of the dynamic New Group of World Servers;
  • their ranks are filled by those who have passed, or are passing, through the stages of aspirant and disciple, thus learning to serve.

Psychic unfoldment in the masses parallels the spiritual unfoldment of advanced humanity.