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The Master, discipleship

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The Master, discipleship and the Plan

The Master does not train a group of men and women to be good and obedient disciples, carrying out His wishes and working out His purposes. He is training them eventually to take initiation and become Masters themselves and He never loses sight of this objective. You, as disciples, have, therefore, to learn to handle force and to draw energies into the destined area of service and this is a fact you must constantly have in mind.

Disciples are chosen by the Master because, in spite of any or all personality limitations, they respond in their individual measure to the immediate vision of the united Hierarchy and to the methods which They propose to employ in materialising this vision.

The hierarchical vision (as far as you can understand it) is the response of the Masters to the higher impression to which They are subjected and to which They accord Their assent according to ray and not according to point of development.

The Master recognises those who recognise the Plan and are trying (with full or with qualified dedication) to help bring it about. He then stimulates them as a group, because they have identity of vision and dedication; this enables them, under that stimulation and inspiration, to become more effective in the chosen (self-chosen) line of service.

Ponder carefully upon the following recognitions:

• The recognition of the vision.
• The recognition of the Plan, for vision and Plan are not the same.
• The recognition, which the Master accords to a group of dedicated aspirants when He accepts
   them as His disciples.
• Your recognition of the Master's ideas as goals to future endeavour.
• Your recognition of each other as souls and servers.