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The disciple's subject life

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Science of discipleship

The disciple’s subjective life

And so, from stage to stage the disciple passes, going from light to light, from perception to perception, from force to energy, from personality focus to soul integration and, then, from soul to spirit, from form to life.

• He has explored all the avenues of knowledge;
• he has descended into the depths, into hell and into the valleys;
• he has climbed the mountain top of initiation and from there has swung out beyond space and time;
• he has lost all self-interest and is a focussed point of thought in the mind of God.

Stages of Discipleship

Stage 1: Little Chelaship

The stage wherein a disciple is contacted by the Master through another chela on the physical plane. This is the stage of "Little Chelaship."

Stage 2: Chela in the Light

The stage wherein a higher disciple directs the chela from the soul level. This is the stage called a "Chela in the Light."

Stage 3: Accepted Disciple

The stage wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chela through:

a. A vivid dream experience.
b. A symbolic teaching.
c. A using of a thoughtform of the Master.
d. A contact in meditation.
e. A definite remembered interview in the Master's Ashram.

This is definitely the stage of Accepted Disciple.

Stage 4: Chela on the Thread

The stage wherein, having shown his wisdom in work, and his appreciation of the Master's problem, the chela is taught how (in emergencies) to attract the Master's attention and thus draw on His strength, knowledge and advice. This is an instantaneous happening, and practically takes none of the Master's time. This stage has the peculiar name of a "Chela on the Thread" or sutratma.

Stage 5: Chela, one within the aura

The stage wherein the chela is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up a vibration and call which will entitle him to an interview with the Master. This is only permitted to those trusted chelas who can be depended upon not to use the knowledge for anything except the need of the work; no personality reason or distress would prompt them to use it. At this stage the chela is called "one within the aura."

Stage 6: Chela, one within his Master’s heart

The stage wherein the chela can get his Master's ear at any time. He is in close touch always. This is the stage wherein a chela is being definitely prepared for an immediate initiation or, having taken initiation, is being given specialised work to do in collaboration with his Master. The chela at this stage is described as "one within his Master's heart."

Stage 7: Blending of the Lights

There is a later stage of still closer identification, where there is a blending of the Lights, but there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to cover the name.

Six words for disciples

1. Recollection - resulting in concentration.
2. Response - resulting in an interaction between higher and lower.
3. Radiation - resulting in a sounding forth.
4. Respiration - resulting in creative work.
5. Reunion - resulting in the at-one-ment.
6. Reorientation - resulting in a clear vision of the Plan.