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The disciple as a server

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The disciple as a server

As the aspirant progresses he not only balances the pairs of opposites, but also is having the secret of his brother's heart revealed to him. He becomes an acknowledged force in the world and is recognised as one who can be depended upon to serve. Men turn to him for assistance and help along his recognised line, and he begins to sound forth his note so as to be heard in deva and human ranks. This he does - at this stage - through the pen in literature, through the spoken word in lecturing and teaching, through music, painting or art. He reaches the hearts of men in some way or another, and becomes a helper and server of his race. Two more characteristics of this stage might here be mentioned:

- the aspirant has an appreciation of the occult value of money in service.

He seeks nothing for himself, save that which may equip him for the work to be done, and he looks upon money and that which money can purchase as something which is to be used for others and as a means to bring about the fruition of the Master's plans as he senses those plans. The occult significance of money is little appreciated, yet one of the greatest tests as to the position of a man upon the Probationary Path is that which concerns his attitude to and his handling of that which all men seek in order to gratify desire. Only he who desires naught for himself can be a recipient of financial bounty, and a dispenser of the riches of the universe. In other cases where riches increase they bring with them naught but sorrow and distress, discontent, and misuse.

At this stage also the aspirant's life becomes an instrument of destruction in the occult sense of the term. Wherever he goes, the force which flows through him from the higher planes and his own inner God, produces at times peculiar results upon his environment. It acts as a stimulator of both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris, or little lives which form the bodies of his brother and his own body, are likewise stimulated, their activity is increased and their power greatly aggravated. This fact is used by Those Who work on the inner side to bring about certain desired ends. This it is also which often causes the temporary downfall of advanced souls. They cannot stand the force pouring into them, or upon them, and through the temporary over-stimulation of their centres and vehicles they go to pieces. This can be seen working out in groups as well as in individuals. But, inversely, if the lunar Lords, or lives of the lower self, have been earlier subjugated and brought under control, then the effect of the force and energy contacted is to stimulate the response of the physical brain consciousness and the head centres to egoic contact. Then the otherwise destructive force becomes a factor for good and a helpful stimulation, and can be used by Those Who know how, to lead men on to further illumination.

From the Hall of Knowledge into the Hall of Wisdom

All these steps have to work out on all the three lower planes, and in the three bodies, and this they do according to the particular ray and sub-ray. In this fashion is the work of the disciple carried forward, and his testing and training carried out. Thus is he brought - through right direction of energy and wise manipulation of force currents - to the Portal of Initiation, and he graduates from the Hall of Learning into the Hall of Wisdom, that Hall wherein he gradually becomes "aware" of forces and powers latent in his own soul and soul group, wherein the force of the soul group is his for the using, for he can now be trusted to wield it only for the helping of humanity, and wherein - after the fourth initiation - he becomes a sharer in, and can be trusted with, some part of the energy of the Planetary Logos, and thus be enabled to carry forward the plans of that Logos for evolution.