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Telepathic Communicators

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I. Telepathic Communicators

It will be apparent to you therefore why it was necessary for the initial or first group to lay the emphasis upon telepathic rapport, because upon that rapport, understandingly cultivated and developed, the success of these seed groups must depend. It does not mean that their success depends upon the established success of the first group, but upon the comprehension by all the groups of the meaning and purpose and techniques of telepathy.

The founding upon the inner planes of a school of telepathy to which humanity can become sensitive, even if unconsciously so, is part of the task which the first group, the Telepathic Communicators, has undertaken.

                     They are the custodians of the group purpose, and work on mental levels.

 We have indicated somewhat the intended work of the first group from the angle of telepathic interplay (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, A.A. Bailey). The method of communication between the Members of the Hierarchy has to be externalised, eventually, upon earth and this is one of the tasks of the group.

It might be of service to you if we outlined a little more clearly what is the purpose of the new seed groups, in terms of the new age civilisation and culture so that the practical results might be visioned with clarity and some new ideals emerge as to the quality of the coming new world order.

As regards telepathic communication between the Members of the Hierarchy: within itself, the Hierarchy functions practically entirely on the plane of mind. This is necessarily essential and for two reasons:

1. The members of the Hierarchy have freed themselves from the limitations of brain activity and brain consciousness.

They can, therefore, in their essential Selves and when they so choose, carry on simultaneously two different lines of activity - both of real import. They can pursue their normal avocations upon the physical plane (if functioning in physical bodies) and when so doing are conditioned in the performance of those activities by the brain limitations of time consciousness and space consciousness. But they can also work upon the mental plane with the chitta or mind stuff, and can do this at the same time as they are conditioned and limited by their physical mechanism. They are then entirely freed from the time consciousness and from any such limitations as space relations within the solar system.

2. The focus of their polarisation is on the mental plane and they function there as sons of mind or of manas.

Their normal mode of intercourse is through the medium of telepathic understanding. This is the normal technique of a divine and free manasaputra.

This is all made possible when a human being has polarised himself in the soul consciousness, when the egoic lotus is unfolding and when, therefore, the mental method of working is that of mental relationship or telepathy.

As the race achieves increasingly a mental polarisation through the developing attractive power of the mental principle, the use of language for the conveying of thoughts between equals or of communicating with superiors will fall into disuse. It will continue to be used in reaching the masses and those not functioning on the plane of mind. Already voiceless prayer and aspiration and worship are deemed of higher value than the pleadings and proclamations of voiced expression.

It is for this stage in the unfoldment of the race for which preparation must be made, and

- the laws, techniques and processes of telepathic communication must be made plain so that they can be intelligently and theoretically understood.

- the method of communication between members of the Hierarchy is a tenfold process.

The method of communication between members of the Hierarchy is a tenfold process, and only in the contribution of the ten groups (the nine and the synthesising tenth) will their share in the externalising process, as it is to take place in the world, be completed.