Sun Sign:             Taurus, the Bull, the sign of the illumination of the form nature.
Rising Sign:         Determined by the horoscope and based on the moment of birth.
Opposite Sign:    Scorpio, the Serpent, the sign of discipleship and its tests.
Esoteric planet:   The ruling planet of the Rising Sign, whichever that may be.
Seed Thought:     Not given here.
Symbol:               Given later in this paper.

 - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

Notes on this relationship:

1. The Sun Sign, Taurus, definitely prepares the way for the sense of developed duality that is found present in the next sign, Gemini. I am speaking in every case in connection with discipleship. This preparation comes through the steady growth of Light – the light of knowledge first, and then the light of wisdom. Taurus is esoterically “the Mother of Illumination” because the Pleiades are to be found in the head of the Bull, and these stand for substance and its inherent light. The disciple is here consciously endeavoring to do two things:
a. Throw light (the light of the Soul) increasingly into and upon the personality nature, thus evoking the light of the form nature and blending it with the light of the Soul.
b. Bring to an end the power of the form, calling in the ancient rules that enjoin the “death of the form” and the “slaying of desire” and also terminate the cycle of incarnations, of which the constant death of the personal lower self is the age-long symbol. Death of the personality is brought about through the influence of Vulcan, and the ending of incarnations through the influence of Pluto, ruling (in this case) the Rising Sign. The termination of the process of incarnation comes from the matter aspect, which is no longer able to respond to the needs of the Soul. Pluto is a non-sacred planet and hence this influence.

2. The Rising Sign in this hypothetical case is Pisces, indicating to the disciple that his goal is to tread the Way of a World Savior and also that his problem is complete control of the watery, astral nature. When the astral nature is controlled and abolished (again through the influence of the First Ray, functioning through Vulcan and Pluto) then complete, undeflected illumination becomes possible.

3. The Opposing Sign is Scorpio, preeminently the sign of discipleship, ruled by Mars, the producer of conflict. In the incarnation depicted in this sign, the disciple is in a most vivid sense Arjuna, who must rise up and fight, who sees (through the inflow of light) all “forms gathered together in the Form of the God of Gods.” He begins with his own form, seeing it as part of the whole. In this case it is the Monad Who sees the Form and the forms through the eye of the Soul.

4. The esoteric planet, Pluto, is peculiarly connected with form upon our Earth. Pluto destroys or brings death to all that hinders relationship between Soul and form, just as Vulcan brings to an end all that obstructs the light. This entire horoscope concerns the death processes on all levels in the three worlds.

The keynote of this meditation is the death, therefore, of all that prevents the disciple from treading the Way of the World Savior; it evokes the peculiar “power to endure,” which is an aspect of the Will nature of Deity. This aspect is the outstanding characteristic of all World Saviors.


Object: To evoke the energy of the Rising Sign, whichever this may be (in this case, Pisces), set up a relation with the Opposite Sign and fuse both with the Sun Sign.

I would here remind you that these meditation formulas are built around and in connection with the Rising Sign. Therefore, in each case, they can be used in connection with any Sun Sign. All the disciple has to do is to find one of the signs where the hypothetical Rising Sign is the one required. He can then utilize the information given about the Rising Sign and its individual formula with what he knows in connection with the Sun Sign. This he does in the period of reflection prior to the definite meditation. I shall cover all the twelve signs, using each one of them as a hypothetical Rising Sign.