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Seven ray types of servers

Seven ray types of servers and the technique of compromise


The seven ray types will work in the following ways, which we are stating very briefly for to do more than that might limit the expression of those who do not know enough to be discriminating as to their characteristics, and might unduly qualify and colour the experience of those servers who recognise (as many already do) their ray. They might, with entirely good intention, seek to force the ray qualities of their souls into dominance before the personality ray is adequately known or controlled. Other servers frequently confuse the two rays and deem their soul ray to be of a particular type, whereas it is only their personality ray to which they predominantly conform, and by which they are pre-eminently governed. Is it not possible for us to observe here the care with which the Teachers of these truths and the custodians of the coming revelation must proceed? They have to guard the aspirants from premature knowledge, which they might theoretically grasp but which they are not yet ready practically to apply.


Ray I


Servers on this ray, if they are trained disciples, work through what might be called the imposition of the Will of God upon the minds of men. This they do through:  


The powerful impact of ideas upon the minds of men, and the emphasis of the governing principles, which must be assimilated by humanity.  


These ideas, when grasped by the aspirant bring about two developments.  First, they initiate a period of destruction and of a breaking up of that which is old and hindering, and this is later followed by the clear shining forth of the new idea and its subsequent grasping by the minds of intelligent humanity. These ideas embody great principles, and constitute the New Age ideas. These servers, therefore, work as God's destroying angels, destroying the old forms, but nevertheless, behind it all lies the impetus of love.


Some people have to be galvanised into activity by an idea. With these the first ray disciple can be effective.


With the average aspirant, however, who is on the first ray, the activity is not so intelligent. He grasps the idea that is needed by the race, but he will seek to impose it primarily as his idea, something which he has seen and grasped and which impatiently he seeks to impose upon his fellow men for their good, as he sees it. He inevitably destroys as fast as he builds, and finally destroys himself. Many worthy aspirants and disciples in training for service at this time work in this sad way.


Some of the Masters of the Wisdom and Their groups of disciples are actively engaged at this time in an endeavour to impose certain basic and needed ideas upon the races of men, and much of Their work is being prepared for by a group of Destroying Disciples, and also by a group of Enunciating Disciples, for these two types of work carry forward their task as a unit. The idea to be dominant in the future is proclaimed in writing and by the voice, by one Group. The Group of Destroyers takes it up, and proceed to break up the old forms of truth so as to make room and way for the new emerging idea.


Ray II


Servers on this ray ponder, meditate upon and assimilate the new ideas associated with the Plan, and by the power of their attractive love, they gather together those who are at that point in their evolution where they can respond to the measure and rhythm of that Plan. They can select, and train those who can "carry" the idea deeper into the mass of humanity. We should not forget that the work of the Hierarchy at this time, and the task of the new Group of World Servers is primarily associated with ideas. The disciples and servers on the second Ray are:  


"Busy building habitations for those dynamic entities whose function it has ever been to charge the thoughts of men and so to usher in that new and better age which will permit the fostering of the souls of men." 


So runs the Old Commentary, if thus modernizing its ancient wording. By magnetic, attractive, sympathetic understanding, and the use of slow action, based on love, do the servers on this ray work. Today their power is becoming dominant.




The servers on this ray have a special function at this time in stimulating the intellect of humanity, sharpening it and inspiring it.  


They work, manipulating ideas so as to make them more easy of comprehension by the mass of intelligent men and women who are to be found in the world at this time and whose intuition is not yet awakened. 


It is to be noted how the work of the true servers is largely with the new ideas and not with the business of organisation and of criticism (for these two go hand in hand). Ideas are taken by the third ray aspirant, as they emerge from the elevated consciousness of Those for whom the first ray works and are rendered attractive by the second ray worker (attractive in the esoteric sense) and adapted to the immediate need and rendered vocal by the force of the intellectual third ray types. In this lies a hint for many of the third ray personalities to be found working in various fields of service at this time.


Ray IV


This ray is not in incarnation at the time and therefore few fourth ray souls are available in world service. There are, however, many fourth ray personalities and they can learn much by the study of the work of the New Group of World Servers.  


The major task of the fourth ray aspirant is to harmonise the new ideas with the old, so that there can be no dangerous gap or break.  


They are those who bring about a "righteous compromise", and adapt the new and the old so that the true pattern is preserved. They are engaged with the bridging process, for they are the true intuitives and have a capacity for the art of synthesis so that their work most definitely can help in bringing forward a true presentation of the divine picture.


Ray V


The servers on this ray are coming rapidly into prominence.  


They are those who investigate the form in order to find its hidden idea, its motivating power, and to this end they work with ideas, proving them either true or false. 


They gather into their ranks those whose personalities are on this ray and train them in the art of scientific investigation. From the sensed spiritual ideas, lying behind the form side of manifestation, from the many discoveries in the ways of God with man and nature, from the inventions (which are but materialised ideas) and from the witness to the Plan which law portrays, they are preparing that new world in which men will work and live a more deeply conscious, spiritual life. Disciples working along these lines in every country today are more active than at any other time in human history. They are, knowingly and unknowingly, leading men into the world of meaning, and their discoveries will eventually end the present era of unemployment, and their inventions and improvements, added to the steadily growing idea of group interdependence (which is the major message of the New Group of World Servers) will eventually ameliorate human conditions so that an era of peace and leisure can supervene. You will note that we do not say "will supervene", for not even the Christ Himself can predict exactly the time limit within which changes can eventuate, nor the reaction of humanity to any given point of revelation.


Ray VI


The effect of the activity of this ray, during the past two thousand years, has been to train humanity in the art of recognising ideals, which are the blue prints of ideas. The main work of the disciples on this ray is:  


To capitalise on the developed tendency of humanity to recognise ideas, and avoiding the rocks of fanaticism, and the dangerous shoals of superficial desire, train the world thinkers so ardently to desire the good, the true and the beautiful, that the idea which should materialise in some form on earth can shift from the plane of the mind and clothe itself in some form on earth.  


These disciples and servers work consciously with the desire element in man; they work scientifically with its correct evocation. Their technique is scientific because it is based upon a right understanding of the human material with which they have to work.


Some people can be reached more easily by an ideal, and will then subordinate their personal lives and wishes to that ideal. With these the sixth ray disciple works with facility, and this he should endeavour to do, teaching men to recognise the truth, holding steadily before them the ideal, restraining them from a too energetic and fanatical display of interest, in the need for the long pull. The sixth ray, it should be remembered, when it constitutes the personality ray of a man or a group, can be far more destructive than the first ray, for there is not so much wisdom to be found, and, as it works through desire of some kind, it is following the line of least resistance for the masses, and can therefore the more easily produce physical plane effects. Sixth ray people need handling with care, for they are too one pointed and too full of personal desire, and the tide of evolution has been with this type for a very long time. But the sixth ray method of evoking desire for the materialising of an ideal is indispensable, and, fortunately, there are many aspirants and disciples on this ray available today.




This ray provides at this time an active and necessary grouping of disciples who are eager to aid the Plan. Their work lies naturally on the physical plane.  


They can organise the evoked ideal which will embody as much of the idea of God as the period and humanity can evidence and produce in form upon the earth.  


Their work is potent and necessary and calls for much skill in action. This is the ray that is coming into power. None of these ray participants in the hierarchical crusade today can really work without each other, and no group can carry on alone. The difference between the methods of the old age and that of the new can be seen expressed in the idea of leadership by one and leadership by a group. It is the difference between the imposition of an individual's response to an idea upon his fellow men and the reaction of a group to an idea, producing group idealism and focalising it into definite form, carrying forward the emergence of the idea without the dominance of any one individual. This is the major task today of the seventh ray disciple, and to this end he must bend every energy. He must speak those Words of Power which are a group word, and embody the group aspiration in an organised movement, which, it will be noted is quite distinct from an organisation. A striking instance of the use of such a Word of Power being enunciated by a group has been given in the Great Invocation, which has been used with marked effect. It should continue to be used, for it is the inaugurating mantram of the incoming seventh ray. This is the first time such a mantram has been brought to the attention of humanity.


All these rays work today for the carrying out of a specific group idea of seven Masters Who, through Their picked and chosen servers, are actively participating in the work which is the initiator work of the seventh ray. It is also linked up with the incoming Aquarian influence.


The technique of spiritual compromise


There are two thoughts, which should be here considered. First of all it should be realised that the disciple, under the Law, has to master the technique of spiritual compromise, and secondly that the three words:  


(a) modify,  

(b) qualify and  

(c) adapt,  

 have definite reference to the three worlds wherein the Plan must manifest.  


There are two kinds of compromise:  


(1) There is the compromise in which the balance is attained for the sake of expediency, and this is usually on the side of the least desirable, the more material and the easiest.  

(2) There is also the compromise which swings decision (and decision is always involved in the furthering of the Plan) over towards that which concerns the spiritual values, and which will eventually bring about the greatest good for the greatest number. It is this art of compromise, which the disciple has to learn, for little is gained by the imposition of the spiritual values. 


The compromise to be established by the disciple lies between the recognition of the stage reached by average humanity and the immediate aspects of the Plan, which the Masters feel should be presented to, and recognised by, everybody. 


Disciples, as they grasp the Plan and are spiritually informed as to the steps to be taken to modify the Plan upon the mental plane so that its acceptance by humanity is intelligently progressive and is not dynamically imposed with consequent disastrous effects, are the primary agents. They accept the responsibility for the needed compromise, for it is their responsibility and not the responsibility of the Masters. The various aspects of the Plan - as presented to them in the Ashram - are then modified and rearranged so that the Plan becomes a series of sequential steps and is not the violent impact of an unrealised idea. The spiritual compromise of the disciple (working with the Plan) transforms the basic idea (through mental modification) into an acceptable ideal.

When the process of modification is completed, the idea - in the form of an ideal - descends to the astral plane, the plane of the emotions. There it becomes tinctured with the quality, which the working disciple believes will make the best appeal to the masses of men with whom he may be working, and particularly to the aspiring intelligentsia.