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Sciences of a fiery heart

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  Sciences of a fiery heart and of vision - Three fundamental sciences

Simplicity, sensitivity and the sciences of a fiery heart and of vision

Where, then, is attention directed? It must be understood that the process toward perfection lies at the basis of evolution. It summons one to simplification and to direct communion with higher worlds. It can be seen how pranayama and other artificial methods of various yogas can be replaced by a simple, fiery heart. Certainly this simplicity is relative. The flaming fiery path leads to it. Yet it brings into life precisely that which was rejected as abstraction and fiction. We consider that each striving to knowledge should be speedily brought to fulfillment.

A flaming heart without spiritual balance is an impossibility. Thus one must remember all details that bring one close to Hierarchy.


  • The fire of the centers,
  • the fire of the spirit,
  • the fire of the heart,
  • the fire of achievement,
  • the fire of attainment,
  • the fire of Hierarchy,
  • the fire of Service


- these constitute the principles of the New World.

A sensitive heart is close to the sensitive ear. A sensitive heart transforms the brain. The lack of heart annihilates all previous accumulations.

Flaming hearts can combat everywhere the annihilation of the essence of Bliss. One can comprehend why one should become accustomed to understanding the heart as the propellant of Be-ness.

A valiant eye will look into the sun of Hierarchy. Not cringing, not irritation, not profit, will be the gates to Hierarchy. But willing Service, a heartfelt veneration, and conscious ascent will bring one to the threshold of Light.

The activity of the heart centre never demonstrates in connection with individuals. This is a basic fact. What devastates most disciples is the solar plexus ability (when purified and consecrated) to identify itself with individuals. The heart centre cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, and other group relations.

You will all awaken some day to the realisation that the Science of Service is of greater importance than the Science of Meditation, because it is the effort and the strenuous activity of the serving disciple which evokes the soul powers, makes meditation an essential requirement, and is the mode - ahead of all others - which invokes the Spiritual Triad, brings about the intensification of the spiritual life, forces the building of the antahkarana, and leads in a graded series of renunciations to the Great Renunciation, which sets the disciple free for all eternity.

We are giving you here certain needed hints and much upon which to ponder. We give you of our time and of our love, of our interest and our understanding. Let us together serve.