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Chohan K.H.


Soul (Jiva) - a Unifying and vivifying force within an organism

The seven ray Lives, or the seven soul types, are seen as the expression of one Life, and the diversity is lost in the vision of the One and in identification with the One.

From the field of science the greatest help will come. The fact of the soul will be proved through the study of light and of radiation and through a coming evolution in particles light.

The soul conciousness, which is that of the solar angel as it begins with the preparation for initiation on the Path of Discipleship and consummates in the perfected Master.

From the angle of esoterism, which is concerned with the soul aspect of Life, time is simply a sequence of states of consciousness as registered by the physical brain. It does not in reality affect the inner spiritual man.

Could you but know it - and this is a point wihich all disciples need to grasp - you the true Being needs no instructions. The task of any Master is only to bring to the attention of the man, working through the medium of the physical brain, that phase of the Ageless Wisdom which his own soul is seeking to have him register.

The Monad retains energy within itself and sends energy forth which is anchored in the soul

The science of the soul in its various aspects (mental, psychical and spiritual) is making much headway now in the world, and is absorbing more and more the attention of thinkers. This is the result of certain waves of energy (from Betelgeuse or Al Mankib) impinging upon our solar system and thus eventually finding their way to our planet.

The result of this is that some highly developed human beings - called Adepts - have to accomplish the manifestation of the Monad of the solar Logos through the medium of the body of consciousness, or through the soul-form. They thus repeat on a higher level the work of those Builders who create and make manifest the body through which the soul seeks to express itself. They are not concerned with objectivity, and have a relation to that fifth Hierarchy, which gives to man his soul body.

This fifth Hierarchy is a replica of the experience of the Monad when coming into manifestation, for the monad retains a measure of energy within itself, it sends energy forth which is anchored in that centre of energy which we call a soul. Still more energy pours also forth, via the soul, for the production of a human being - an expression of the soul upon the physical plane, just as the soul is an expression of the monad upon the mental plane, and both are expressions also of that monad.

The monadic ray finally takes control, absorbing into itself the rays of the personality and of the soul (at the third and fifth initiations) and thus duality is finally overcome and "only the One Who is remains".

But by this growing conviction as to the soul as the self is evidenced by the opposition to the theory called forth by the schools of thought, which emphasize the dominance of matter and trace all phenomena, objective and subjective, to the activity of matter. Through the wrestling of those holding differing points of view truth emerges into the light, just as in a larger case, spirit "mounts on the shoulders of matter" back to its original position, plus the gain in quality, which is the result of the experience. This being so, knowledge will take the place of theory, and direct evidence that of speculation. The theorising of men as to their divine nature must shortly give place to conviction and their philosophising to direct investigation of the soul. That which is recognized and admitted, even if not understood, is the object of attention and investigation and when an experimental science of the soul will have its place in the universities and public endowments and not the proving of the soul, but an analysis of its nature, purposes and life will receive an attention equal to that now gives by modern scientists in their varying branches to the mechanism the soul seeks and eventually will use, for naught can arrest that great evolutionary development.

Remember that as the omniscience of the soul is tapped, the more detailed knowledge will gradually fall into place.

Soul achievement

The highest point is seen exemplified in the right use of the mind and its utilisation by the soul for the achievement of group objectives and the development of group consciousness upon the physical plane. Hitherto the mind has either been prostituted to material ends or has been deified. Through the science of the soul, the mind will be known as the instrument of the soul and the means whereby the brain of the human being becomes illuminated and knowledge gained of those matters, which concern the realm of the soul.

Speaking technically, to master the technique and terminology of this science of the soul, which the East has held in trust for so long. "The chitta has, by its own nature, all knowledge. It is made of sattva particles, but is covered by rajas and tamas particles, and by pranayama this covering is removed."

Here lies the substance of the entire teaching - and in the significance of the three letters of the Sacred Word AUM - lies the clue to the entire cosmic process. Through a meditation process, duly and correctly carried out, the second or soul aspect will be revealed, and the Sound, or Word (the Voice of the Silence) can then be heard.

AUM has been explained in details in various writings. The subtlety of vibrations, the wisdom of the sounding, and the beauty of the structure have long been known, but if the heart be dead, even such a "sesame' will not open the lock. For it is the heart that sings; it resounds and fills the entire organism with a special energy.

Once heard and the work carried steadily forward, the realm of consciousness is revealed and the human being is en rapport with the second aspect of his own nature and with the second aspect in every form. This is the basis of the whole science of the soul and leads a man to know his own soul or psyche and the psyche in every form of divine life.

This will be the case when this wisdom is added to the existing knowledge of the West and the technique of the science of the soul is imposed upon our Western intellect. It is possible to enlarge shortly upon this technique. It might be briefly described as being divided into eight stages, which can be listed as follows:

1. Control of our relations to others.
This is summed up under the word harmlessness, which is defined in the East by the Five Commandments. These are: Harmlessness, truth to all beings, abstention from theft, from incontinence and from avarice.

2. Purity.
As outlined in the Five Rules: Internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotion to Ishvara (the divine Self).

3. Poise.
A state of balance or equilibrium.

4. Right control of the life force and hence direct action by the soul upon the etheric body.
This control of energy and therefore of the centres and of the physical body is only possible after a man has achieved purity and poise. He is not permitted knowledge of the laws governing energy until such time as he has learned, through discipline, the control of the animal nature, and has reached a point where he is no longer swayed by moods and selfishness.

5. Abstraction.
A term, which covers the power to centre one's consciousness in the head and there to function as a soul, or to withdraw the outgoing consciousness from things objective and tangible, and so turn it within.

6. Attention and concentration.
This is one-pointed living, and involves also the bringing the mind into activity in the place of the emotions. Thus the emotional and physical man are controlled by the focussed mind.

7. Meditation.
This is prolonged attention or concentration and gives the power to focus the mind upon the soul and its concerns. This produces radical changes in the organism and substantiates the truth of the statement that,
"as a man thinketh, so is he."

8. Contemplation.
This is the act of the soul in its own realm as it looks out over the forms and contacts the energies found in the fifth or spiritual kingdom in nature. This act is followed by the pouring down into the brain (by the way of the controlled mind) of soul knowledge and energy. This acitvity of the soul produces what has been called illumination: it brings about the energising of the entire man and awakens the centres (chakra's) in proper rhythm and progression.

This consciously directed spiritual energy playing through the vital body and the centres should, it is claimed, bring physical man and the endocrine system eventually into such a condition that we should have perfect health and therefore a perfect apparatus for soul expression. In this way we are taught that man can arrive at a definite knowledge of the soul, and can know himself to be "the deeper Being", able to use his mechanism with definite purpose, and thus function as a soul.


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