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Science of Identification

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Life is that which synthesises spirit, soul and body. (HPB) 

Life is loving synthesis in action. (AAB)

The evolutionary blending of man’s rays 

On the path of initiation the disciple becomes a "man of God", - a person whose powers are controlled by the dominant vibration of the soul ray and whose inner, sensitive mechanism is vibrating to the measure of that soul ray which - in its turn - is being itself reoriented to, and controlled by, the monadic ray. The process then repeats itself: 

  1. The many rays, which constitute the lower separative man are fused and blended into the three personality rays.
  2. These are, in their turn, fused and blended into a synthetic expression of the dominant self-assertive man, the personal self.
  3. The personality rays then become one ray and in their turn become subservient to the dual ray of the soul. Again, therefore, three rays are blended and fused.
  4. The soul rays dominate the personality and the three become again the one, as the dual ray of the soul and the blended ray of the personality vibrate to the measure of the highest of the soul rays - the ray of the soul's group, which is ever regarded as the true soul ray.
  5. Then, in time, the soul ray begins (at the third initiation) to blend with the ray of the Monad, the Life ray. The higher initiate is therefore a dual and not a triple expression.
  6. In time, however, this realised duality gives place to the mysterious, indescribable process called identification, which is the final stage of soul unfoldment.

In these successive stages we can glimpse the vision of what we are and may be. Steadily the unfolding purpose of our own souls (those "angels of persistent and undying love") should gain fuller and deeper control over each of us, and this, at any personal cost and sacrifice, should be our steadfast aim. For this, in truth and sincerity, we should strive.

The triple expansion of consciousness: Individualisation - Initiation - Identification

Now we will touch upon the three great divisions, which mark the soul's progress towards its goal: 

Through the process of Individualisation, the soul arrives at a true self-consciousness and awareness in the three worlds of its experience. The actor in the drama of life masters his part. 

Through the process of Initiation, the soul becomes aware of the essential nature of divinity. Participation in full consciousness with the group and the absorption of the personal and individual into the Whole, characterise this stage on the path of evolution.

Finally comes that mysterious process wherein the soul becomes so absorbed into that supreme Reality and Synthesis through Identification that even the consciousness of the group fades out (except when deliberately recovered in the work of service). Naught is then known save Deity, - no separation of any part, no lesser synthesis, and no divisions or differentiations.

During these processes three streams of energy play upon the consciousness of awakening man:
  • The energy of matter itself, as it affects the consciousness of the inner spiritual man, who is using the form as a medium of expression.
  • The energy of the soul itself, or of the solar angel, as that energy pours forth upon the vehicles and produces reciprocal energy in the solar form.
  • The energy of life itself, a meaningless phrase, and one that only initiates of the third initiation can grasp.

This is about the triple expansion of consciousness (for all these crises are aspects of one great unfolding purpose or process), which we call individualisation, initiation, and identification.

Yet, according to the ray type or quality, so will be the reaction of the life to the great stages of Individualisation, Initiation, and Identification.

This is a major occult platitude, but it is one that is much in need of consideration and reflection. Let us bear in mind always that we are considering qualities, which govern appearances and express the life.

The process of Identification seldom happens

When the process of identification takes place, a moving forward of every member in the entire Ashram becomes possible, even though it seldom happens. Symbolically speaking, it might be described as:

a potent expanding impulse, which widens the circle of the Ashram so that higher levels can be touched and lower spheres of influence can be included.