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Science of Esoteric Psychology

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We shall see emerging a new approach to the ancient truths, and a new mode of investigating humanity.


A ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality, which that force exhibits and not upon the force aspect which it creates.


A new fresh light on the science of esoteric psychology of the seven rays


The teaching anent the seven rays ("Esoteric Psychology I and II", A.A. Bailey) remains a profitless speculation unless it is susceptible of investigation, of eventual proof and of general as well as particular usefulness. We are, therefore, seeking here to do two things:


1. Indicate a new and powerfully efficient esoteric psychology;


2. Show the lines of development, which are inevitable, for the reason that certain major potencies are coming into play at this time. Certain forces are becoming increasingly active whilst others are steadily becoming quiescent.


We shall find, as we study, that words will greatly handicap our expression of the realities involved, and we must endeavour to penetrate beneath the surface meaning to the esoteric structure of truth.


These rays are in constant movement and circulation, and demonstrate an activity, which is progressive and cyclic and evidences increasing momentum. They are dominant at one time and quiescent at another, and according to the particular ray which is making its presence felt at any particular time, so will be the quality of the civilisation, the type of forms which will make their appearance in the kingdoms of nature, and the consequent stage of awareness (the state of consciousness) of the human beings who are carried into form life in that particular era. These embodied lives (again in all four kingdoms: humanity, animal, plant and mineral) will be responsive to the peculiar vibration, quality, colouring and nature of the ray in question. The ray in manifestation will affect potently the three bodies (mental, emotional and physical), which constitute the personality of man, and the influence of the ray will produce changes in the mind content and the emotional nature of the man and determine the calibre of the physical body.


Our intention is that this teaching upon the rays may shed fresh light on the subject. But as experiment is made, as people are studied in the laboratories of the psychologists and the psychoanalysts in connection with their ray indications, and as the newer sciences come into wise use and their proper sphere, we shall gain much and the teaching will find corroboration. We shall see emerging a new approach to the ancient truths, and a new mode of investigating humanity. In the meantime let us concentrate upon the clear enunciation of the truth anent the rays, and seek to tabulate, outline and indicate their nature, purpose and effects.


The seven rays, being cyclic in appearance, have continuously passed in and out of manifestation and have thus left their mark down the ages upon mankind, and therefore hold the clue to any true historical survey. Many researchers have investigated for the last hundreds of years these cycles of manifestation.


A triple approach to perfection


We have certain aspects that drives a man to perfection:


(1) the will -

through realisation of the Higher, and resulting in the service of power through love in activity.


(2) the wisdom or love aspect -

through the utilisation of his oneness with all that breathes, resulting in the service of love through love in activity.


(3) the activity aspect -

through the utilisation of all in the service of man; first by the utilisation of all for himself, then by the graded steps of the utilisation of all for the family, of all for those he personally loves, of all for his environing associates, and thus on and up till all is utilised in the service of humanity.

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