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Remarks Zodiacal Meditations

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- The twelve Lights of the Zodiac

Remarks on the zodiacal meditations

In an earlier instruction in the last century the Master DK promised to give a certain teaching about some meditations that will be practiced when the esoteric side of astrology would be better understood. At that time He said:


When we have finished our analysis of the twelve zodiacal constellations, I will give you twelve meditations that will be suitable for the twelve types of disciples that they represent, thus giving you that technique in meditation processes that will enable the Leo individual, for instance, to bring about more rapidly the fusion of the higher and the lower selves. I will also give you twelve seed thoughts upon which the zodiacal subject can work for the period of one year or a longer time if needed. There is an occult significance in twelve months of one-pointed effort, however, that aspirants would do well to consider, assigning themselves that cyclic period for a definite and earnest effort.

And He continued by explaining these instructions:

Before proceeding to give you the first of these meditations, I would like to speak a few words about the process and also remind you of certain facts that it is necessary to bear in mind if these “magical formulas” are to prove effective. These meditations are not being given out for general use. They will not be employed until later in the 20th century when there will be a deepened astrological response, a resultant understanding due to an increasing research into the nature of the zodiacal forces and a better psychological understanding of the human being. But the time has come to outline the processes and techniques and give the formulas.

I shall not, therefore, elaborate the instructions. I shall only give those indications that will be sufficient to enable the true and earnest occult student to penetrate into the heart of the mystery himself. Humanity has reached the point where there is adequate intellectual development to enable the disciple to do his own research with the aid of hints.


            I will begin with the following conditioning remarks:


1.  These meditations – as I earlier stated – are only for those who are upon the Path of Discipleship. They are not for use by anyone except pledged disciples. An individual must know within himself that he is irrevocably pledged to the service of the Hierarchy and of humanity (in virtue of his conscious link with his Soul) before he can achieve any success in the use of these formulas or can, with safety, use them.


2.  The potency of the entire meditation process is contained in the seed thought, for which all the first steps are simply preparatory and the last are precipitating or anchoring. There is one seed thought for each sign. These are not being given to you at this time, hence the futility of anyone attempting to use these meditations until the entire formula is in their hands.


3. Connected with each of these twelve signs of the zodiac and their appropriate meditations is a peculiar symbol that is esoterically called “the precipitating agent”; this serves – when correctly envisaged – to focus the energies that the disciple is seeking to invoke and to use for his own betterment and for the helping of humanity.


4.  There are as you know two signs that are of significant, operative effect in the life of any individual: the Sun Sign and the Rising Sign. The Sun Sign is the sign of the constellation (I would have you note that phrasing) in which the disciple happens to be born; the Rising Sign is the sign of the constellation the energy of which must be used to fulfill Soul purpose in any particular life cycle or incarnation. The Sun Sign conditions the personality; the Rising Sign must condition the inner person and eventually dominate the Sun Sign. These meditations are magical formulas or “formulas of invocation,” and their objective is to bring the potencies of the Rising Sign into fuller expression in the life of the personality. There must, therefore, be established a relation between the Sun Sign and the Rising Sign.


5.  I have postponed the giving of these meditations until certain basic propositions of the Science of Triangles had been grasped by the student because these meditation formulas are based upon the planned fusion – by invocation – of three basic energies: those of the Rising Sign, those of the Sun Sign and those of the sign that is opposite to that of the Sun Sign (not opposite to the Rising Sign). Have these three carefully in mind as you study the theme of these meditations.


6. These three potencies – covered by the symbol, fused in the seed thought and precipitated by recognition of the esoteric planet that governs the Rising Sign – become effective in the expression of the disciple in the three worlds, through the medium of service to humanity.


7.   We have, therefore, the following technical invocation, evocation and demonstration of force:

 - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu


A phrase in The Old Commentary is here explanatory:


When that which rises over the horizon, the boundary, becomes the guiding light, the Path runs clear from the highest to the lowest and, lo, the three are one. And then the little two of the lower system are lost in the final glory. The planet disappears. Its lowest reflection disappears and only the triple sun is seen.


1. It might here be stated that the disciple focuses in himself the Sun Sign and this conditions his personality - 

He seeks to realize the potency of the Rising Sign and this produces the ensuing conflict in his life;

He also aspires to fulfillment in the polar opposite of his Sun Sign (which indicates personality perfection) and thus seeks to demonstrate the fusion of three forces, potencies or energies.


2. The meditation formulas here given are concerned only with the realization of the purpose of the energies of the Rising Sign and their effect when brought into relation with the Sun Sign -  

They are only the first part of the process of the meditation or of the evocative invocation that will release the energy of the Rising Sign through the medium of the Sun Sign.

They, consequently, produce a greater expression of Soul intent and purpose in the life of the disciple.


3. This evocative process brings into activity the Will aspect of the disciple -  

This demonstrates in the personality as the ability to visualize the symbol (expressive of the nature and the quality of the Rising Sign) and to concentrate on the fundamental thought that enables the disciple to invoke, evoke, and to precipitate the desired energy into his vital or etheric body (via one of the esoteric planets and one of the seven centers).

The point of reception is ever the head center from which point the incoming energy is distributed to the other centers in the etheric network.


4. There are twelve symbols, one for each of the twelve zodiacal signs. These symbols are very ancient and are given only to pledged disciples -  

There are twelve seed thoughts or formulas of words that, when related to the twelve symbols, bring through the needed energy from the twelve signs of the zodiac.


5. These symbols and seed thoughts are used in connection with the Rising Sign and never with the Sun Sign - 

When the horoscope is properly cast and the Rising Sign is accurately determined, then the disciple,

“taking his stand upon the firm foundation of his radiant sun, sees another sun arise over the horizon. This second sun appears to him a goal. Between this sun and the second sun, he sees a form arise; he hears a Word go forth and – as the symbol shapes itself and as that Word evokes response – the second sun obliterates the first. And, when these two suns blend and merge, a third is seen.”


6. An illustration of this process may serve to clarify the mind: We will take, for instance, the case of a disciple born in June:


            The Sun Sign:                Gemini

            The Rising Sign:            Pisces

            The opposing sign:        Sagittarius

            The esoteric ruler:         Pluto

            Focused in:     the appropriate center in the vital body of the disciple


The symbol will exoterically depict the relationship between the Rising Sign and the Sun Sign; esoterically it will precipitate the incoming energy.

The seed thought will evoke the potency of the Rising Sign through invocation.

This is Stage One of the process. Stages Two and Three (which relate to the opposing sign and which produce zodiacal alignment) cannot be given here yet.


7. These meditations must always be followed by the disciple taking an upright, standing position, facing towards the constellation that is the Rising Sign in any particular incarnation, wherever that constellation may be in the circle of the Heavens at the time of meditation. This he can always ascertain.


8. He must then subjectively assume the right attitude of mind - 

There are three factors, therefore, that must be carefully seen and recognized: 


a.   The attitude toward the Rising Sign.

b.  The recognition of relationship between the personality (symbolized by the Sun Sign) and the Rising Sign (indicating Soul purpose).

c.   A correct state of mind or consciousness.


9.  We can see, therefore, that the intent at this stage of the zodiacal meditation is: 

  1. To bring about the alignment of two energies – that of the Sun Sign and that of the Rising Sign.
  2. To produce, by this alignment and consequent inflow, a fusion with the energies of the opposite of the Sun Sign in order that three energies may prepare the disciple for initiation. The two energies have to be blended in order to set up an adequate magnetic pull so that response may be forthcoming from the opposite.
  3. To facilitate the expression of these energies in the daily life of the disciple, through stimulating the vital or etheric body.
  4. To present opportunity for the Will aspect of the disciple to display itself.
  5. To bring into increasing activity the centers above the diaphragm. It should be noted in this connection that in the case of the pledged disciple.

i       The energy of the Sun Sign is focused in the ajna center.

ii      The energy of the Rising Sign pours through the heart center.

iii     The energy of the sign in opposition to the Sun Sign “will faintly stir” the head center.

iv     The energy of the esoteric planet is focused through the throat center.


10.  I would like here to refer to the process of invocation and evocation, pointing out the  difference between them.


a. Invocation - presupposes intense activity on the part of the invoking agent, the disciple in this case. It involves a persistent application of the will, the focused intention of that will (clearly apprehended by the disciple in his mind) and then a planned outgoing or a “going forth with one-pointed direction” towards the Being or the energy to be invoked. The disciple becomes simply and only a focused, conscious, magnetized center, demanding response and working scientifically towards that end.


b. Evocation - involves the response activity on the part of the invoked Being or energy; this response is recognized by the one who invokes. The recognition has been made possible because the disciple has produced that dynamic activity of the will that is based on what is esoterically called “the presentation of similarities.” There has to be that in the disciple that is similar in nature and alike in quality to the energy and the Being invoked. It will be apparent, therefore, that only those can use these meditations with efficacy and without danger whose horoscopes are entirely accurate; this means that the Rising Sign can be known with exactitude.


11. The meditation process falls into four definite stages, which we can describe as  follows: 

  1. The stage of preparation. In this stage the disciple comes to an understanding of his problem, recognizes the nature of the potencies with which he is dealing and lays the ground for action. In the recognition of the energies with which he is occupied, he realizes that they are:  

i    The potencies of the equipment with which his Sun Sign has endowed him.

ii   The potencies of the Rising Sign with which it is the intention of his Soul to endow him.

iii  The potencies of the opposing sign that esoterically indicates the point of attainment possible through the fusion of the two other energies.


This preparatory stage is one of reflection, of mental preparation and of the raising of the consciousness to as high a level as possible. These meditations – to be truly successful – involve the use of the Antahkarana and the capacity of the disciple to preserve simultaneously two stages of meditative process: i.e., the sustained consciousness of himself, the dedicated, attentive, visualizing and receptive agent, the pledged disciple and – at the same time – the consciousness of himself as the Soul, expressing as far as possible in this life cycle the energy of the Rising Sign. These two recognitions are like two paralleling streams of consciousness, expressed in continuity.

  1. The stage of invocation - From this attained dual consciousness, the disciple focuses his intention by a definite planned act of the will and then becomes a positive agent; he next projects his forces outward and upward (symbolically speaking) through the medium of the indicated seed thought, the magical formula or the “sacred phrases” of which he has been put in possession. These magical formulas have three clear significances: they evoke the energies of the Rising Sign; they penetrate dynamically – like a shaft of pure white light – to the sign that is in opposition to the Sun Sign; and they focus the energies of the Sun Sign. This last point constitutes the preliminary step. Upon the depth and the penetrative quality of the disciple’s concentration will depend the nature and the persistence of the “invocative rite,” as it is sometimes called.
  1. The stage of evocation - This concerns the response of the disciple in the three worlds or the reaction of the lower of the two continuous streams of consciousness earlier referred to. The higher state of awareness or the higher stream of consciousness is focused and used in the invocatory stage; the lower is used in the stage of response or appropriation. In this stage, the seed thought having done its magical work and called forth response, the symbol is now used (through correct meditation and visualization) as the agent through which the evoked energy is precipitated and appropriated by the disciple, functioning in his etheric body and so working consciously with the centers. This is the true laya yoga that will supersede the yoga of the centers as now taught and preserved in the ancient formulas of India. Students would do well to note how in the stage of invocation and through the use of the seed thought, a triangle of energies is considered and dealt with.

The esoteric planet that is employed as transmitter is the one that rules the Rising Sign. These six points of energy – invoking, evoked and receiving – are, for the purposes of these meditations, contained within the symbol being employed as the precipitating agency. This symbol is, in its turn, brought into livingness and usefulness through the medium of the seed thought or magical formula, rightly used.

  1. The stage of appropriation. This stage is the final one and brings the disciple “back to earth.” It is a period of deep reflection and brooding upon the work accomplished. It falls into two parts:

(1) First, that in which the nature of the energies invoked and evoked are carefully registered and an attempted sensitivity is developed and an understanding is arrived at as to effects that these energies will produce upon the disciple in the three worlds. He will realize that the effects of the:


i    Dynamic opposite sign will produce the evocation of his will upon the mental plane.

ii  Magnetic Rising Sign will produce effective changes in his group life and work, which work is an expression of a correct appreciation of love and will demonstrate primarily upon the astral plane.

iii   Active Sun Sign will condition his service on the physical plane.

(2) Second, that in which he registers consciously in two centers, which respond as follows:

i    The head center, which responds to the energies of the constellations;

ii  The appropriate center, ruled by the particular esoteric planet, governing the Rising Sign. Each sacred planet, it must be remembered, rules one or other of the seven centers in the etheric body.


Note: In studying the above points, and in the effort to comprehend the meditation process, we will use, as an illustration, the signs to be found in the chart of a disciple born in Gemini. I have chosen this sign as a case in point because the Chohan KH has Gemini for His Sun Sign, with Pisces rising. We shall have, therefore, for elucidatory and explanatory purposes the following setup (if I may use such a term).


Sun Sign            Gemini                        Mutable Cross                        Esoteric Ruler Venus

                                    The qualities of relationship and intuition

                                    The sign of the Messenger


Rising Sign            Pisces                        Mutable Cross                        Esoteric Ruler Pluto

                               The qualities of vision and peace; The will to die for humanity

                                    The sign of the World Savior


Opposing Sign            Sagittarius            Mutable Cross                        Esoteric Ruler Earth

                        The qualities of insight, compassion, conscious controlled evolution

                                    The sign of the Pledged Disciple


It is the clarity of these agencies of transmitted energy that lead me to choose them in making this process clearer to you. All three constellations happen to be on the Cross of Change, mutation, flexibility, human understanding; all indicate the goal of the disciple in training.

In the case of the Chohan KH, all three have now been reached, and all are demonstrating as achieved spiritual consciousness, right relationships and infinite compassion.