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VIII. Psychologists

Let us now pass on to a brief indication of the work of the eighth group, which is psychological service. In this field the work will be lifted out of the realm of the strictly human and will concern itself with wider issues - for, my brothers - there are wider issues than those which concern the human family alone. The work of these disciples will cover the following three issues:

1. The relation of the human soul to the subhuman kingdoms in nature and the place of the human kingdom as an intermediary between the three higher kingdoms and the three lower.

2. The quality of the soul in the three subhuman kingdoms, with particular emphasis upon the animal and the vegetable kingdoms. The consciousness of the mineral kingdom is so far removed from the human that it is not possible for us to formulate anything about it in words, or to identify ourselves with it until after the expansion of consciousness which takes place after the third initiation - that of the Transfiguration.

3. A study of the Plan, as it appears at this time to be working out in the five kingdoms in nature. It will be apparent to you that:

The teaching connected with this group will be more definitely and academically occult in its significance than will be the case in the others, for it will be based upon information contained in "The Secret Doctrine" (H.P.B.) and in "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" (A.A. Bailey).

It will be founded upon certain premises contained in those volumes. Therefore, the members of this group of disciples will be of the more orthodox persuasion; they will be theosophists by nature, and academic by disposition.

The nature of the anima mundi, the fact of the subjective consciousness found in all forms without exception, and the existence of an interplay between these forms, through the medium of the soul, will be the major theme. Soul sensitivity and reaction to the energy in any form will be the training objective of the group members.

Owing to the difficulty of this task, the members of this eighth group will be chosen from the personnel of the other groups, for they will have had a fair measure of training in their preliminary work. Two groups will then be interlocking groups - that which is formed of the key people in all the groups, and this one.