Meditation Taurus


(With Pisces Rising)

Stage 1. Invocation and Evocation. Preparatory.

1. After preparation of the lower nature, reflection upon the sign involved, and an attempt to achieve such a focus in the Soul that further effort and thought are needless, the seed thought is used as the agent of invocation. This the disciple uses with all the power of his creative imagination, saying within himself the words that compose the seed thought of the Rising Sign, in this case Pisces.
a. The seed thought is not given here.
b. He then, without any conscious thought process, sees the descent of this First Ray aspect of Piscean energy descending into the Soul.

2. This accomplished, the Soul attends to the act of conscious fusion with the personality, its expression upon the Earth.

3. He then climaxes this fusion by the use of a very ancient word, which is withheld at present for general use or reading.

Stage 2. Precipitation and Appropriation.

1. The disciple, confident now of success, withdraws more definitely into the consciousness of the Soul (he has been endeavoring to reach still higher contacts) and becomes aware of the waiting personality, in this case particularly of the astral nature.

2. He now carries his thought to the ruling planet, Pluto, and ponders upon death – death of the form nature and its hold upon the Soul, death of desire, and death of the life cycle of repeated physical incarnations. He views death joyously and as a scientific process of detachment, not to induce suicide in any way, but to lead up to the time when (under the Law of Evolution and Karma) he can consciously withdraw the life and consciousness aspects from the imprisoning form. He then visualizes a tomb or cave in the mountainside, open to the air and unsealed. Inside the tomb or cave, far distant, he sees a point of brilliant light. Gradually that point of light becomes a Sun, blazing and approaching ever nearer to the mouth of the tomb or cave, until it completely obliterates the opening and only the Sun is seen. Finally, he visualizes himself as standing within that Sun and as discovering the Sun within himself, and from that “point of realization” he emits and sends forth light to light the world.

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3. By a definite and focused act of the Will, he precipitates this light into the ajna center. There it will do its work in evoking the light of substance, which is the form. It is interesting to note that the Pleiades are to be found in the head of Taurus, the Bull. They form the ajna center of that constellation, and in this lies a valuable hint.

4. Then follows a period of attempted realization. This process will be a conscious blend of both feeling and thought.

5. The AUM is sounded next, six times. This is the AUM and not the OM.