Meditation Gemini


(With Leo Rising)

Stage 1. Invocation and Evocation. Preparatory.

1. After a period of reflection and focusing, the seed thought is here used. It is the seed thought of the Rising Sign – in this case Leo.
a. Seed thought is not given.
b. A minute’s silent thought now follows and the steady visualizing of the descent of energy into the Soul. This has to be done by the use of the creative imagination, for the disciple (unless he is an initiate of the third initiation) is not able yet to contact the Spiritual Triad and draw down the higher spiritual and monadic energy into the Soul. The consciousness must be held as steadily as possible at the very top of the head.

2. This accomplished, there follows an interlude wherein the disciple discontinues the use of the creative imagination and acts as the Soul, consciously performing an act of fusion.

3. He then climaxes this fusion or process of at-oneing by the use of the very ancient word – unknown to modern scholars, but that is of Sensa origin, known to the Hierarchy. (This Word of Power is not given here.)

Stage 2. Precipitation and Appropriation.

1. The disciple, satisfied with what has taken place and conscious of successful activity, withdraws much deeper now within himself. In this Leo meditation (used in connection with Gemini, but which can be used in connection with any of the twelve signs), he regards himself as a point of conscious power, standing midway between the pairs of opposites, at the point of exact equilibrium. It might be said that this meditation is susceptible of use on many different planes, and the disciple should endeavor so to use it. He can know himself as:

a. Treading the “noble middle Path” upon the astral plane, balancing the pairs of astral opposites and therefore negating their effects and influences.

b. Standing before the door of initiation and there recognizing the Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the Presence. He works at the task of blending these two (the purified waiting personality, the matter aspect and the Soul, the reflection of Spirit).

c. Focused in the Soul, as the result of a successfully accomplished fusion, he seeks to blend the lower Triad and the Spiritual Triad on Soul levels.

d. Recognizing initiate status, he can, at a later stage, arrive at a comprehension of the fusion of spirit and matter from the angle of the Monad.

2. Without losing awareness of the Sagittarius-Leo relationship, he draws the personality (under the Sun Sign of Gemini in this case) into a conscious relation with these two other forces. This means carrying on a triple line of thought, simultaneously and synthetically. The disciple must learn to understand this process through definite experience.

3. He then carries his thought to the ruling planet, the Sun (veiling and transmitting at this stage the forces of Neptune, prior to the third initiation, and the forces of Uranus after that initiation). He proceeds to visualize the following symbol:

In this symbol, two pairs of opposites are seen as contrasted in the Cross. They are:
a. The Soul and the threefold personality.
b. The Soul and the Spiritual Triad.

 - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

The Central Spiritual Sun of the individual Life (i.e. the Monad) is seen at the center. The stream of energy, playing between the Triad and the Soul is visualized and seen as a vivid electric blue, while that between the Soul and the personality is seen as a golden living yellow. The Sun of the Monad is seen as pure
white light. This symbol is exceedingly potent in preparing the
disciple for initiation and must be built sequentially. The line of light between the Triad and the Soul must be established first of all and then the line between the Soul and the personality. The Sun of the Life is then superimposed (in consciousness and deliberately) upon the center and then it obliterates the lines of force so that the final symbol is somewhat as follows:

 - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

5. As the disciple works at this process of realization, he reaches the point (a point that varies ascendingly as he progresses) at which thought fades out and a silent process of assimilation takes place. The Soul, the mind and the brain synchronize their activities.

6. He then sounds the OM (not the AUM) fourteen times and by an act of the will commands and directs the fusion of the subjective and the objective energies with which he may be dealing at the time. This process falls into two stages:
a. The conscious fusion of the energy of the Rising Sign with the Sun Sign.
b. The fusion – by an act of the spiritual Will – of the energies of the Opposite Sign with the blended energies of the Sun Sign and the Rising Sign.

You can appreciate the necessity, therefore, for the disciple to have some realization of the nature of the energies that flow through the constellations and of the significance of the nature of the Sun (in relation to Leo in this particular case) in its triple aspect of the physical Sun, the Heart of the Sun and the Central Spiritual Sun.