Meditation Aries

(With Virgo Rising)

Stage 1: Invocation and Evocation. Preparatory.

1. By the power of the creative imagination, the disciple says within himself the words that compose the seed thought of the Rising Sign, in this case using the example of Virgo.
a. Seed thought not given.
b. He then waits for one minute without any thought process but seeing the descent of energy into the Soul.

2. This accomplished, there follows an interlude of Soul attention to the act of fusion.

3. He then climaxes this fusion by the use of a very ancient word, unknown to modern scholars, of Sensa origin and known only to the Hierarchy. (This word is not given in this formula)

Stage 2: Precipitation and Appropriation.

1. The disciple, knowing that the work is accomplished, begins to withdraw again within himself. He remains focused in the Soul but permits himself to become aware of the waiting personality, without losing the consciousness of the Libra-Virgo relation (in this instance) and their fusion in the Soul as will, purpose, love and opportunity.

2. Again, imaginatively, he carries his thought to the ruling planet (in this case Vulcan, veiled by the Moon). He visualizes the crescent moon with the “hammer of God” lying athwart it. He sees this hammer come into living activity and begin to fashion the moon form, his personality. The process of

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3. fashioning is emphasized, not the work of consequent destruction. He sees the form being fitted for the inflow of the fused energies from Virgo and Libra. He sees himself descending in consciousness into the head center, carrying with him as a part of himself the blended energies and these he appropriates, using the symbol here depicted as the chalice of the energies, as it is called. Symbolically speaking, the form (the moon) has been hammered into receptivity and true expression by the activity of Vulcan.

4. Then, by an act of the will and visualization, he precipitates the energy thus received into the heart center (in this case), there to do its work of balancing forces, fostering the Christ consciousness and enabling him to carry out the plan of his Soul in the Earth life to which he is temporarily committed.

5. Then follows an interlude of assimilation and of understanding fusion, when thought is again allowed to function. Hitherto it has been the imagination (pure and intuitive, divorced from any astral conditioning) that has been the only indication of brain activity.

6. He then sounds the AUM seven times (not the OM, but the threefold sound – one letter standing for each of the three blended energies). Finally and occultly he “proceeds upon the WAY.”

I would have you note that it is only when all twelve formulas of meditation are in the hands of the disciple that he can carry out these meditations accurately. The seed thought of the Rising Sign and the symbol related to the esoteric planet have to be first ascertained, after the correct casting of the horoscope, before the disciple can do this meditation. The ancient Word of Power or Fusion is the same for all twelve meditations, but its meaning cannot be given.

It is essential that you grasp the need for the positive cessation of thought, the need for a capacity to vision synthetically and to grasp this meditation as a complete whole in consciousness, prior to any successful undertaking of its performance. There is a thought that lies behind the thinking of the concrete mind. It is to that thought I refer and that mode of conscious activity that is needed.