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Magnetic Healers

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III. Magnetic Healers

The third group carries the initial impulse through "into the light of day" and will bring the physical world into a condition whereby:

"The healing of the nations through the arising of the sun of righteousness" will become possible, because the laws of healing (which are basic and fundamental) can be applied and worked out in all departments of life upon the outer levels of appearance - for disease is only found in the world of phenomena.

Turning now to the work of the third group, we find ourselves concerned with the task of the magnetic healers of the world. This has been dealt with (Esoteric Healing, A.A. Bailey). We will here refer to one or two points of more general interest, and to their threefold opportunity. It is of interest to note that the work of this group is perhaps one of the hardest to carry through, although from another angle it is far easier than the task of most of the other groups, because the consciousness of the bulk of humanity is found to be predominantly upon the plane of illusion and therefore, as the Old Commentary says:

"They who work to bring in light and yet are surrounded by the maya of the senses, work from the point of present being and need not to move out or in, or up or down. They simply stand."

The healers of the world upon the physical plane have to work upon that plane and their task is that of bringing through the energies of life, emanating from the soul plane, via the mind, but excluding the emotional. These energies have to be brought through into physical consciousness and, from the physical level, do their necessary and magnetic work. The task of the healers, if successful, involves:

1. The bringing through of healing divine energy.
2. The exclusion of the astral world, and therefore illusion.
3. The utilisation of the healing energy in full waking consciousness upon the physical plane.

How the most of the healers in the world are working

1. As purely physical healers, dealing with the vital forces of the physical body, and with their own consciousness polarised in the etheric body.

2. As emotional, astral psychics, with the consciousness polarised upon the astral plane, and utilising the astral body and working in and with glamour and illusion. The effect of their work, if successful (and we would have you note that "if," for we deal with the idea of relative permanency) may be one of two things:

a. They may cure the physical ills in the patient which are of such a nature that the inner astral desire (and therefore the lower desire) has eventuated in physical disease, experienced in some aspect or organ of the physical body.

b. They may intensify the effect of the illusion of desire in the physical brain consciousness and cause such a violent increase of the active energies that death may occur before so very long. This is quite a frequent happening. Nevertheless death is a cure, remember this.

Under these two categories the bulk of the world healers are found - sometimes doing good, oft doing harm, even if not realising it, and even if (as is usually the case) of good intention. There are three other categories of healers, however, to add to the two above:

3. Mental healers in the true sense of the word. Most mental healers unduly flatter themselves and work not with their minds at all. They have much mental theory and astral methods. Desire is the motivating power and not mental impulse. The true mental healer only brings about his results when he knows something of illumination in the technical and academic sense, and of the power of light to dispel illusion. Disease is not an illusion; it is a definite effect of a real cause from the standpoint of average humanity. When healers can work mentally, they deal with the causes of disease and not with the effects.

4. Those healers whose soul contact is established and who work through the souls of people, enabling them therefore:

a. To stand in spiritual being.
b. To work, free from illusion.
c. To achieve true perspective upon the physical plane.
d. To coordinate the personality and the soul so that the will of the inner spiritual man can work out upon the physical plane.

5. Those who can work (as is eventually intended that this third group should work) definitely as outposts of the consciousness of the Hierarchy of Masters. This work will be done in group formation and with a united synthesised effort. The personal effect of such healers is therefore:

a. To coordinate the personality of the patient - they are themselves coordinated.

b. To bring about contact with the soul, on the part of the patient - they are themselves vitally in contact.

c. To fuse and blend the personality and the soul and thus provide an instrument for the distribution of spiritual energy - they are themselves thus fused.

d. To understand and use the laws of true spiritual healing through intelligent activity upon the mental plane, through freedom from glamour, and through such a right use of force that the instrument of the soul (the personality) becomes vitally magnetic.

We would remind you that such effort in the early stages results inevitably in the development of a critical spirit through the intelligent effort being made and the discriminative recognition of glamour in many cases, because only through such an effort can analysis of a right kind eventually be achieved and criticism be eliminated. In the meantime, those thus in training are oft a difficulty and a problem both to themselves and to their friends and co-workers. But this phase is temporary and leads to a more lasting relationship and to the emergence of that true magnetic link and love which must heal and lift and stimulate all that it may contact.

In the coming Age we shall see humanity producing a culture which is sensitive to the finer and higher spiritual values, a civilisation which is free from glamour and from much of the illusion which today colours the peoples, and a racial life which will be embodied in those forms which will bridge the gap at present existing; it will be free from what we now know as disease of the worst kind, though death and certain forms of bodily breakdown which may eventually end in death will, of course, still be prevalent.

The overcoming of death is not contingent upon the elimination of bodily ills, but upon the establishing of that continuity of consciousness which carries over from the physical plane of life to the inner subjective existence.

Of this state of being, groups such as this third group can be the custodian and their problem is therefore:

1. To establish that state of personality development which will lead to magnetic living upon the physical plane.

2. To study the laws of life, which are the laws of health and of right relationship.

3. To develop that continuity of consciousness which will "open the doors of life and dispel the fear of the known and of that which disappears."

From the angle of the work of the world healers, the above is a statement of opportunity. This they face as the nucleus or one of the germs or seeds of the new civilisation and the coming culture. It embodies the objective of all their work, and their contribution to the united work of the groups.

Equally so, they can bridge the gap at present existing in the racial consciousness between

1. Life and death.

2. The sick and the well. This is between:

a. The physically sick and the inwardly well, which is the case with a few - a very few - of the advanced people, or the disciples of the world and the senior aspirants.

b. The physically well and the psychically sick, which is sometimes the case, but of singular rarity.

c. The physically sick, the psychologically sick, and the overshadowing soul. This situation is often found today.

3. The physical plane and the world of souls, because of the development of a sound instrument and the dissipation of those causes which work out as effects in the physical body as disease, and act as barriers to the inflow of soul energy and the entrance of soul awareness into the brain activity.

This bridging work, when it occurs today, is often simply a fortunate but fortuitous happening and is not the result of a consciously planned bridging work.

But it is the intent of the Hierarchy that the groups which will be formed, and which are today in process of forming (including this third group) can aid in this process, if such is the will of the constituent parts.

Every initiate is a magnetic healer

This is a statement of fact. Though the members of the Hierarchy have each of Them Their duly appointed functions and Their planned activity (dependent upon Ray, upon race and upon dedication) there is one activity which They share in common and that is the power to heal.

Their ability to act as magnetic healers works out in various ways, predominantly in the realm of psychological readjustments and psychic disentanglements.

And - only incidentally and as a result of the two above activities - in the processes of bodily healing. You will note from the above, that the healing work done by the initiate members of the Great White Lodge is threefold:

- psychological, bringing in the soul;
- psychic, releasing the lower psychic nature from illusion so that the psyche or soul can have full sway;
- physical, as the result of the inner psychological and psychic adjustments.

This triple healing activity is intended to be the objective of all groups working as this third group, the magnetic healers, should work; thus will be brought about an emergence of hierarchical effort into outer activity. Thus you will note, my brother, that the work of the first three groups just discussed, and viewing them as constituting one unit, produces a synthetic endeavour in the three worlds, and leads from the plane of the soul to the plane of outer expression.