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Laws of occultism

Laws of occultism - Occultism and Magic

The truth, the mind and practical application of the laws

There are the laws of occultism and their practical application. Occultism flourishes in a prepared atmosphere - in a highly magnetised environment and in a settled condition - which is the result of age-long work upon the mental plane. These two facts, of time and of high vibration, result in that stability of rhythm, which facilitates occult work, and offer a quiet field for mantric and ceremonial enterprise.

When man quickly sees the truth in all that he contacts, and automatically chooses truth or the real, then he learns next the lesson of joyful action, and the path of bliss opens before him. When this is so, the path of occultism becomes possible for him, for the concrete mind has served its purpose, and has become his instrument and not his master, his interpreter and not his hinderer. The concrete mind hinders in another and more unusual way, and one that is not realised by the student who attempts, at first, to tread the thorny road of occult development. When the concrete mind is rampant, and dominates the entire personality the aspirant cannot cooperate with these other lives and diverse evolutions until love supersedes concrete mind (even though he may, in theory, comprehend the laws that govern the evolution of the Logoic plan and the development of other solar entities besides his own Hierarchy).

- Mind separates; love attracts.
- Mind creates a barrier betwixt a man and every suppliant deva. Love breaks down every barrier, and fuses diverse groups in union.
- Mind repels by a powerful, strong vibration, casting off all that is contacted, as a wheel casts off all that hinders its whirling periphery. Love gathers all to itself, and carries all on with itself, welding separated units into a unified homogeneous whole.
- Mind repels through its own abundant heat, scorching and burning aught that approaches it. Love soothes and heals by the similarity of its heat to the heat in that which it contacts, and blends its warmth and flame with the warmth and flame of other evolving lives.
- Finally, mind disrupts and destroys whilst love produces coherence and heals.

There are five things which those who choose the path of occultism need to cultivate, and that the group should specially seek to attain. They are as follows:

1. Consecration of motive.
2. Utter fearlessness.
3. The cultivation of the imagination, balanced wisely by the reasoning faculty.
4. A capacity to weigh the evidence wisely, and to accept only that, which is compatible with the highest instinct and intuition.
5. A willingness to experiment.

These five tendencies, coupled with purity of life and regulation of thought will lead to the sphere of achievement. It is not purposed that you should find out all the knowable, but only just as much of it as may be employed wisely for the illumination of the race and of those whom you can each, in your own place, influence.

It is an acknowledged fact in occultism that for our earth humanity the advent of the occult Hierarchy was epochal; it brought about two things:

1. The definite crystallization of that group soul which is now called the fourth or human kingdom.
2. The arousing of manas or mind in animal man in a triple way.

Students of occultism who have demonstrated their devotion and their mental poise, and who (to use the ancient formula of the schools of meditation) have kept the five commandments and the five rules, and have achieved right poise, can begin to use the interludes between the two aspects of physical breathing for intense activity and the use of the power of will to produce magical effects.

Planetary Logoi

We have seen that the process pursued by man – the building of the thought forms - is analogous to that pursued by the threefold Logos in the creation of the solar system.

The cells in the bodies of the planetary Logoii are made up of the units of the human and deva evolutions in the same manner (only on a higher turn of the spiral) as the bodies of human beings are made up of living organisms, the various animated cells, or the lesser lives. This is a basic fact in occultism, and the relationship between the cells in the human vehicles, and the cells in the bodies of a Heavenly Man, will be productive of illumination if carefully studied.

• Love in the concrete rays leads to the path of occultism.
• Love demonstrates, through the concrete rays, the aspects of divinity, forming the persona that hides the one Self.

• Love in the abstract rays leads to that of the mystic.
• Love demonstrates through the abstract rays in developing the attributes of divinity, in evolving to fullest measure the kingdom of God within.

• Love forms the sheath and inspires the life.
• Love causes the logoic vibration to surge forward, carrying all on its way, and bringing all to perfected manifestation.

It is a truism in occultism to say that nothing stands alone, yet it is a fact that each infinitesimal part of the whole has three relations:

1. To those units, which form its body of manifestation.
2. To its own unitary life.
3. To that greater unit of which it forms a part.


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