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Science of International relations (e-reader)

The development of a soul guided civilization

We are living in a time as the Hierarchy is approaching closer to humanity in preparation for an immanent major planetary initiation. Those with vision can see this happening upon every side today. Hence the anchoring upon earth of the New Group of World Servers (disciples and initiates) in every nation and on every continent. To those who live and work in this interim period and in this cycle of transition, with all its resultant chaos and upheaval, is given the task of expressing steadfastness, service and sacrifice. The science of international relations is more and more needed, for those who serve mankind a way the soul reveals. There is also need to overcome the inertia of the material nature in response to human need, individually and by the nations not engrossed with the essentials of the situation. This shows signs of happening. There is no power on earth which can prevent the advance of man towards his destined goal and no combination of powers can hold him back. Today that combination is active, a combination of ancient evil and modern aggressive selfishness, released through a group of unscrupulous and ambitious men in every country. They may delay and hinder the emergence of freedom. The charge against them under the Lords of Destiny is mounting up, but Divinity will triumph.

The Great White Brotherhood

Two great groups of divine agents – the Great White Brotherhood and the Lodge of Materialistic Forces – are both of them seeking to divert these energies into channels which will further the ends for which they work and for which they were formed and exist. As a consequence you have: two groups of advanced Minds, both groups equally illumined by the light of the intellect, and both of them formulating clearly their objectives, but differing in their direction and their emphasis. One group works entirely with the form-aspect. The other group is working with the soul or the consciousness aspect, and in this group the doctrine of the heart and the law of love control. The plans which embody these two differing ideals and objectives, are next carried down on to the astral plane, and thus into the world of desire. The materialysing of the plans of these two groups of illumined minds proceeds steadily under the differing laws of being – the laws of form life and the laws of spiritual living. Whilst the battle is fought out in these groups and where the major conflict is being waged, the forces of these two groups have brought about in the field of physical living, a state of complete cataclysm. The economic situation and the religious hatreds are the two major instruments. The result of this dualism is the external chaos, the differentiations into the many human experiments which testify to the various viewpoints in the many fields of thought: political, religious, economic, social, educational and philosophical. The result of this conflict is definitely good and it demonstrates the steady achievement of the Great White Lodge. The first result is the shift of focus of human attention on the mental plane and thereby nearer to the sources of light and love.

World disciples proceed to active work

It is right here and in connection with this eventful change of focus that the world disciples can shoulder responsibility and proceed to active work. It is the new ways of working and the new forces and objectives which the disciple of the present era has to master; relying upon the lessons learnt in the past and must base his new structure of truth upon the foundations and the stabilised orientations, which must now be established. It will be of value, therefore, to compare the old and new ways of discipline and of training, of attribute and quality, and of methods and objectives. When the scientists concerned with the processes of evolution (and we see and read more about their views of evolution), and accept and study the ray-procedure, definite changes in attitude and a closer approach to the truth will at once appear. The furtherance of he coming seventh ray civilization of synthesis, fusion and of increased soul expression, and the development of the new stage into which a true and scientific white magic of the Hierarchy is entering is inevitable and for this stage there should be definite advanced preparation and training. The new forms through which that much desired consummation can be achieved, must be consequently gradually and scientifically developed.

A crucial period in racial and planetary history

It is the etheric body which is responsive to and developed by the incoming seventh ray influences and the etheric levels are the field of expression for the soul, whether it is the human soul or the soul as an expression of the higher triad, the monadic life. We are therefore at a most interesting and crucial period in racial and planetary history. The Lord of Shamballa and His Helpers have had to wait until at least the dim outlines of the Plan had penetrated through into the consciousness of the race. We can look for the steady appearance of the will energy of Shamballa. This centre corresponds to the monadic centre which makes its power felt in the consciousness of the disciples who are ready for the third initiation. Once the second initiation has be taken, the watching Hierarchy can begin to note the constant reorientation of the soul towards the monad, and the highest aspect over the initiate.

Soul influences in the European nations

War in the historic perspective, speaking generally and esoterically, has been based consistently upon the attractive power of possessions. War has been prompted by economic necessity or it has been in the nature of the imposition of the will of some nation or groups of nations. The use of the will is now being consciously done and is an expression of Shamballa. This work of the first ray of Will is expressing itself dominantly at this present time through the seventh ray of Organization and Relationship. This science of Relationship and (re) organization can be studied between the nations of Europe from a historical point of view.

We will and already see, as a result of the existing combination of soul-ray influences in the European nations, that Europe will enter into an expansion of consciousness which will reveal to them soul-group (foreign or international affairs) relations instead of only individual and self-centred 'personal' (internal or national affairs) relations. The science of international relations will gradually support Europe in its task for initiation into an Aquarian civilization. We recommend participants of the Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe to contribute by studying the science of international relations (e-reader science of "International Relations” from a historical point of view) and the rays of the European nations. See: Destiny Europe

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