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Healing experiences with devas

Science of colour and sound - healing practice experiences with devas

Paracelsus, the School on the Art of Healing, has a practice starting many years ago. During our practice we became almost immediately aware of the existence of Devas, who made their presence felt on several levels of consciousness and who assisted the work of the healer(s) during the sessions. In a short period of time about one hundred clients were treated and we kept record of all of the important events and responding experiences of the clients during the healing-sessions. These sessions included colour and sound therapy, magnetic and spiritual healing, numerology, esoteric astrology and consultations.

Especially during the colour and sound therapies, the devas were active on different energy levels, depending on the point of evolution of the client, incidentally following even surgical procedures with etheric 'instruments' on the subtle bodies of the clients. All this gave us an amazing and impressive experience, where deva and man came into close co-operation for the well being of the human soul. From the many cases experienced, three are reported here in their essences. For reasons of privacy, the names of the clients are omitted.

In relation to cancer in advanced stages (during the abstraction-process of the soul) the healer did not intervene in the process. For the light & colour therapy the healer used scientifically approved colour-lenses from a Swiss company. The colours were only used in the upper diaphragm of the client and incidentally in the solar plexus area. The sound therapy, based on music-tones and music compositions from different ancient as well as from modern origin, was simultaneously used with the colour therapy. The colour- and sound therapy room was closed during the sessions for complete silence and energetic work. An average colour and sound therapy session took 20-30 minutes. Clients followed 12 sessions with a max. of 60 minutes each.

Case 1: a spiritual surgery for TL - a client from France

TL was a patient (professional dancer and painter) from France, suffering from cancer, meta-stased into different parts of the body. She stayed at a holistic cancer clinic, where she received – in support of her medical treatment - ten sessions. These were an integrated treatment (daily diagnosed and observed) of colour & sound therapy, magnetic & spiritual healing, numerology, medical astrology and – spontaneously - a rather unexpected support by the aid of a number of deva energies, assisting in the diverse processes of healing.

The spiritual healer observed that there was an energy leak, which went out of the ‘spinal cord’. He advised the medical doctor to look at it. This was done, by making a scan in the hospital. The doctors decided that surgery was an immediate necessity. So, TL underwent surgery on her spinal column to prevent serious trouble that would have crippled her otherwise. This took place at a hospital in Copenhagen on the 23rd of August 2010, fixing some of her vertebrae with steel plates and bolts. After a stay of a week in the hospital, she returned to the clinic and had several sessions at our practice from the 30th of August 2010 until October 2010.

During the first session after the surgery in the hospital, a case of spontaneous “spiritual surgery” was observed and witnessed by the healer. A leading Deva appeared, accompanied by a host of smaller deva energies. This Deva was supervising and directing the activities of these smaller deva 'entities', which were performing 'surgery' on TL’s etheric body during about 30 minutes, on several etheric levels using different kinds of ‘instruments’.

During this procedure, there appeared what looked like strings of little spheres, and a cone or vortex with a point of brilliant light-energy on it. Next, there also came a sword-like instrument with a golden ball or sphere at the top, radiating pure, white energy. Geometrical forms and symbols presented themselves near the region of the abdomen and up, creating a kind of kite-like pattern. There was one point at the top, one at the feet and two at the shoulders. Within this frame, there appeared two circulating triangles with rays of energy in it.
Then, above the scene, there emerged two points of light, like two eyes, observing and overseeing it all… till the spiritual surgery procedure was completed. Next, old shells of darkened energy around the physical body were removed. TL underwent a transformation on several energy levels, whereby the vertebrae were shown to the healer. There was light energy anchored around the metal plate and bolts, meant for healing purposes. Next, more energy flowed towards the heart centre. (Later on TL confirmed, that she felt new energies in her heart region). Geometrical figures and symbols, became active. The healer had the impression, that all of this was registered in certain archives for future lives of TL, yet to come.
During the next few sessions, golden and purple devas were present, including a spiral of energy around her, with golden-yellow and green colours. By the combined energy work of the devas, some old suppressive experiences came up from TL’s youth as well as old memories from past lives in the form of strong emotions. She underwent these pains from present and previous incarnations so that both were cleared at the same time. This brought her an intense relief and a definite positive outlook on her life. Despite her severe medical condition at arrival in the clinic, she could well live up to some more years, if she lived in a calm and healthy way, and if she allowed a medical examination on her thyroid gland.

In May 2011, 9 months later, it was reported that she was still alive, having made a visit to France and an extensive journey across the American continent. After that heavy, long trip, her energy level went down. She made her transition on june 2nd 2011.

Case 2: YN – a highly sensitive client from Sweden

This client had a malignant, aggressive brain tumour, which had been recently removed surgically, in combination with chemo treatment at the hospital. She showed incidentally dysfunctional (psychological) behaviour and also some lack of physical orientation and physical control.

At the intake, her energy-centres proved to be in severe turmoil, especially those above the diaphragm. During the first sessions her energy balance was restored. This harmonising work was immediately supported by the presence and help of devas. During the first session there were energy ‘balls’ flying around her in varying colours of light-blue, rose-red, yellow and green. These were followed by energies in colours like orange, yellow and some red ones, all working actively on her etheric body. Later on an orange blanket-like structure appeared, which was folded around her.

The healer sensed that in her (early) youth certain damaging influences had happened, which she had not been able to work out and to express emotionally. She has fought these experiences in her brain, living mainly in the upper energy-part of her body. Later on one of the head centres was suppressed and became severely disturbed. YN is because of this very sensitive to all kind of radiations. The recent medical surgery was related to the brain area where this centre was located. It was magnetically treated during our sessions and needed recovery on a certain, subtle level, including a general adjustment in the head centres. YN needed an overall improvement of her energy system under the present difficult circumstances. This will support and improve her energetic / etheric situation for future incarnations (in spite of the physical damage in the current live).

The healer observed as well that she is in a process to transmute her 6th ray into the 2nd ray, which is in harmony with an energy transfer from the solar plexus to the heart centre – and later on to the heart centre in the crown centre of the head; balancing heart and mind. In her energy system the forces of the personality and the energy of the soul had to be adjusted and combined, including some related energy centres. ‘Illness’ in the physical sense was the best option to work this out.

The healer noted in her head chaotic and disturbing patterns and a heavy sense of pressure, caused by severe medicine use. The doses of medicine were too high, and working through the whole of her body instead of working in the diseased part only. She had to check with the doctors what medicine they gave her; what doses; what (side) effects. She only needed a carefully monitored “local chemo”, also regarding the sensitivity of her body. The medical doctors should adapt their therapies, making them tailor-made and thus less damaging!

After two sessions, the energies in her head were amazingly improved (less headaches). During the third session, a lot of events simultaneously took place, initiated by a group of deva-energies. First there came a renewal, an energy restoration on different etheric levels. The healer witnessed a spiritual surgery procedure performed by a group of devas at the head of YN. When the extensive spiritual surgery took place, the healer energetically withdrew completely and was only an observer.

During one of the sessions, YN reported to have seen a Tibetan lama, and she had the feeling as if she had been one herself, during some previous life. This coincided remarkably with certain observations of the healer. Since he had bought an original tanka (a Tibetan wall cloth, depicting the Wheel of Time/Life) some time ago, he had established a telepathic rapport with a lama (who had made this tanka) during some of the sessions with the clients.
It then became clear that YN’s brain tumour and the imbalances in her energy system were a working out of old and of recent karmic influences. Her physical body was a clearing-house during this incarnation, to become free from all that has been worked out and to enter a next life with a “clean slate”. To this, the devas were of special service to her.

Nine months later, it was reported that her medical condition was still “ok”. She is a highly developed conscious psychic medium.

Case 3: transition between angel & human evolutions for TR - a client from Belgium

In September 2010, TR came in, sitting in a wheelchair, having cancerous tumours in several places of her body. Within one year she, a healthy woman in her early forties, had developed a very aggressive cancerous condition. During the first three weeks at the clinic she rejected our energetic treatment, and kept strictly to her own strong private healing patterns of life including a great number of physical yoga-like techniques and visualisation techniques to treat her cancer by herself. She was sending love-energy to the cancer cells, so that these cells were extra activated to grow further, and – thus - did not sent love-energy to strengthen the still healthy cells around the cancerous tissue areas. These techniques did not help. So, her physical condition worsened quickly and she then became receptive and sensitive to our treatment.

During the first few sessions she received energy treatment that enabled her to become more vital and balanced, so that she became physically able to walk alone for short distances. This was for her a remarkable progress.

Then, an amazing event took place during one of the sessions. There appeared a big, golden Deva with great wings, and with a reddish glow all around. The healer had the impression that this woman was not human in origin, but came from our planetary Deva evolution. In this life she had made a transition into the human evolution, and for that purpose, had adapted a gross physical body by physical incarnation, becoming truly an incarnated (but not recognised as such) Angel originating from the planetary Deva evolution. The transition from the (feminine) Angel kingdom into the human Kingdom had caused her a lot of trouble, especially adapting herself to live in the gross physical world. But along this way, she learned a lot about humanity and thus later, when having returned to the inner side of living, she will be better equipped to help humans who follow the line of cyclic physical incarnation. Her current difficult incarnation is a sacrifice. During these sessions a lot of etheric, devic events took place. There were all kinds of deva-energy waves working. It became clear to us, that she - with her qualities as a conscious solar angel - is an advanced Solar Angel.

Despite her initial cancerous tumours (of which the growth stopped) and her weak health, TR was reported 9 months later to be still alive and in a relatively good condition. She is a remarkable talented painter with a sensitive eye and ear for the plant kingdom. Her work is shown in a galery in Lhituania.