Sun Sign:          Gemini, the Twins, the sign of duality and the ultimate triumph of Soul over form.
Rising Sign:      Determined by the horoscope and based on the moment of birth.
Opposite Sign:  Sagittarius, the Archer (upon the white horse), the sign of the one-pointed disciple
                         – no longer swayed by the pairs of opposites or the victim of duality.
Esoteric planet: The ruling planet of the Rising Sign, whichever that may be.
Seed Thought:  Not given here.
Symbol:            Given later in this paper.

 - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

Notes on this relationship:

1. The Sun Sign, Gemini, indicates the problem, which in this sign is always that of establishing right relations, i.e., the control of the divine, immortal brother (the Soul) over the earthly mortal brother (the personality). This is covered by St. Paul where he says: “The first man is of the Earth, earthy; the second Man is the Lord from Heaven.” This control of the higher spiritual aspect is gradually brought about in the furnace of experience. The incarnated Soul is torn between the pairs of opposites:
a. Good and evil or right and wrong.
b. The astral pairs of opposites.
c. The Soul and the personality.
d. The Dweller on the Threshold (of Initiation) and the Angel of the Presence.

This is the problem of the disciple, successively faced and solved.

2. The Rising Sign, in this case Leo, gives the disciple the clue to his eventual success. The Second Ray of Love becomes potently available, throwing light and wisdom upon the affairs of the disciple’s life while the influence of Leo, giving focused consciousness and the strength of the individual will, makes the problem soluble in time. The major objective of the Gemini disciple is to become focused in the integrated personality while oriented undeviatingly toward the Soul. This the Leo force makes possible.

3. The Opposite Sign holds out to the subject a vision of his goal, the accomplished dream of the future and the assurance of final triumph. Sagittarius marks that point in the experience of the Gemini subject when there is no further fluctuation between the pairs of opposites but only the focused intention of the will-to-attain the higher spiritual objective, as visioned and understood at any one point in the life experience.

4. The exoteric and the esoteric planets are in Leo the same, but in this particular case, at one phase of the work, the Sun is seen as veiling Neptune, the transmitter of Ray Six and its force. Here the Sun uses this planet as a transmitter of a blend of the Second Ray and the Sixth Ray. The Sun makes available the wisdom and love of the Soul. Though the life of the Gemini disciple is ever one of great difficulty (both exoteric and subjective), he always walks in a measure of light and is seldom the victim of glamour. He loves and lives in the light. This in itself constitutes a problem, for the Gemini disciple is often the victim of his major virtues. The light in which he walks is so clear that he is almost blinded by it and has to learn to be discriminative in handling his life currents. He knows so much that he is apt to be impatient with the less spiritually informed or, if he is not impatient, to expect too much of them. But the influence of the Second Ray in this particular case will help, and he will eventually make his final irrevocable decision in Scorpio and become the accepted disciple in Sagittarius.

The keynote of this meditation is light and love, poured out on the difficult road the Gemini disciple has ever to tread. He sees always both the goal and the limitations and – torn as he ever is between the higher and the lower – he must walk the “noble middle Way” in the light of his Soul, forgetting himself in the love of all that lives.