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Discipleship & ray-expressions

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Discipleship and ray-expressions

It would be well to remember that disciples on the first ray understand discipleship largely in terms of energy, or force, or activity, whilst disciples on the second ray understand it more in terms of consciousness or initiation. Hence the divergence of expressions in ordinary use and the lack of comprehension among thinkers. It might prove useful to express the idea of discipleship in terms of the different rays - meaning by this, discipleship as it manifests on the physical plane in service:
1st Ray      Force                Energy             Action              The Occultist
2nd Ray     Consciousness   Expansion        Initiation          The true Psychic
3rd Ray      Adaptation        Development    Evolution         The Magician
4th Ray      Vibration           Response         Expression       The Artist
5th Ray      Mentation          Knowledge       Science           The Scientist
6th Ray      Devotion           Abstraction       Idealism          The Devotee
7th Ray      Incantation        Magic              Ritual              The Ritualist

Remember carefully that we are here dealing with disciples.

  • Later on as they progress, the various lines approximate and merge. All have been at one time magicians, for all have passed upon the third ray. A careful study of the foregoing will lead to the realisation that the difficulties between thinkers, and between disciples of all groups, consist in their identifying themselves with some form, and in their inability to understand the different points of view of others.
  • As time elapses, and they are brought into closer relationship with the two Masters with whom they are concerned (their own soul and their Master), the inability to cooperate and to merge their interests in the good of the group will pass away, and community of endeavour, similarity of object, and mutual co-operation will take the place of what is now so much seen, divergence*. 

 *divergence:  the acquisition of dissimilar characters by related organisms under the influence of unlike environments. 

We might well ponder on this, for it holds the key too much that is puzzling and, to many, distressing.