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Advanced groups in each nation are beginning to respond to the Law of Understanding.
A law which will eventually emphasize the eternal brotherhood of man and the identity of all souls with the Oversoul, in the racial consciousness, as well as the oneness of the Life which pours through, permeates, animates and integrates the entire solar system.

The Laws

Three great fundamental laws (dealt with in "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire", A.A. Bailey) are:

1. The Law of Synthesis, determining the future, certifying the goal, and concerned with the life or spirit aspect.

2. The Law of Attraction, determining the present, and governing the immediate condition of the planetary types. It is concerned with the consciousness or the soul aspect.

3. The Law of Economy. This law determines the past, conditions the planetary consciousness, and concerns itself with the form or matter aspect.

When these three function together, during this particular cycle and in our particular race, they produce a fusion of forces, which imposes a certain rhythm, a definite materialisation of energies, and a specific type of civilisation which functions under what we (esoterically) call the Laws of Cleavage.

It is the mind, which separates and divides; it is mental activity (divine and superhuman, as well as human) which produces the many differentiations. This process of divisioning comes to its climax during this world period in the Aryan race, the fifth race. We are today governed by the Law of Cleavages, - a divine law and one of fruitful objective. This must not be forgotten.

The Nations and the Law of Loving Understanding

The law of the coming race is most difficult to express in understandable terms. We can find no better name for it - so as to express adequately its functional effect - than the words, (1) the Law of Loving Understanding. This is a quite inadequate and sentimental phrase for a scientific expression of a great coming evolutionary development in the human consciousness.

All the rays which govern and influence the leading nations of the world, are today governed primarily by the (2) Law of Cleavages.

This Life functions therefore in and through all the planetary schemes, with their kingdoms of forms, and with all that can be included (throughout our solar universe) under the phrase "form life". That phrase itself contains three great and basic ideas: the ideas of life, of matter and of evolution.

The functioning of the Law of Loving Understanding will be much facilitated and speeded up during the Aquarian age, and it will eventuate:

• in the development of the international spirit,
• in the recognition of one world faith in the One Life or God,
• in humanity as the major expression of divinity in this world period, and
• in the transfer of the human consciousness from the world of material things to that of the more purely
  psychic, leading in time to the spiritual.

Today there are many, many thousands coming under the influence of this Law of Loving Understanding. Many in every nation are responding to the broader synthetic brotherly note, but the masses as yet understand nothing of this. They must be led in right ways gradually, by the steady development in right understanding by their own nationals. Bear this in mind, all of you who work for world peace and right relations, for harmony and for synthesis.

The Law of Group Life

The third basic law underlying the solution of our modern problems, is (3) the Law of Group Life. Our group relations must be seen and acknowledged. Not only must a man fulfil in love his family and national obligations, but he must think in the wider terms of humanity itself, and so bring the Law of Brotherhood into expression. Brotherhood is a group quality. The young people who are now coming in will come into life equipped with a much deeper sense of the group, and with their group awareness much more fully developed than is now the case. They will solve their problems, including the problem of sex, by asking themselves when situations arise of a difficult nature: Will this action of mine tend to the group good? Will the group be hurt or suffer if I do thus and so? Will this benefit the group and produce group progress, group integration, and group unity? Action, which fails to measure up to the group requirements will then automatically be discarded. In the deciding of problems, the individual and the unit will slowly learn to subordinate the personal good and the personal pleasure to group conditions and group requirements. You can see, therefore, how the problem of sex will also yield to solution. An understanding of the Law of Rebirth, a good-will towards all men, working out as harmlessness, and a desire for group goodwill will gradually become determining factors in the racial consciousness, and our civilisation will adjust itself in time to these new conditions.

In the recognition of the four laws:

  1. of Rebirth,
  2. of Love,
  3. of the Group(life) and
  4. of the Nation, 

we shall see the salvation of the race.

The higher spiritual Law of Group Progress

The name (5) "Law of Group Progress" is the phrase given by human beings to a particular type of energy, which is producing the coherence of units in a group, thus forming them into one living organism. The recognitions eventuating are those of group affinity, group objective, and group goal. It is, in the last analysis, the emergence into the subjective consciousness of the same type of energy, which produces that aspect of cohesive action, which demonstrates as tribal, national or racial unity. In this case, however, the determining factor is not of a physical connotation nor have these groups a physical plane basis. They are based on a group idealism which can only be consciously registered when the units in the group are beginning to function upon the mental plane and are developing the capacity to "think things through" - that is, to register in the brain that which the soul has imparted to the mind. We have here a definition of the meditation process, as it should be followed by those who, through alignment, have made some measure of soul contact. These groups are functioning entirely through a subjective relation, which produces a subjective integration and activity.

The Law of Group Progress can only begin to have a conscious effect in the life of the disciple who has been pledged and accepted.

When he has established certain rhythms, when he is working effectively along certain well recognised group lines, and when he is definitely and in understanding consciousness preparing himself for the expansions of initiation, then this law begins to sway him and he learns to obey it instinctively, intuitively and intellectually. Through obedience to this law preparation for initiation is instituted by the disciple. All should grasp the self-initiated necessity of initiation. Some of the effects earlier mentioned in the initial discussion of this fifth law can here be enumerated. Do not forget their esoteric and unseen significances.

1. The disciple will then learn effectively to decentralise himself. He will ask nothing for the separated self. Aspirants are taught to pledge allegiance to their Higher Self, and to foreswear all claims of this separated self. His eyes are towards the light and not towards desire for contact with the Master. This rules out spiritual selfishness - the desire for recognition by one of the Great Ones.

2. He will have learnt to serve instinctively. He may need to learn to discriminate in his service; but his attitude to life and toward all men is a divine rushing forth to aid, to lift, to love and to succour.

3. He will have learnt to use the mind in two directions. He can cast the search-light of the mind into the world of the soul, and know and recognise those truths which must, for him, become his experienced knowledge. He can also cast it into the world of illusion and dispel the glamours of the personal. Then he begins to dispel the world glamours for he is nearing initiation.

The Law of Group Progress is the coming new law to be sensed by the world disciples and which is already becoming more effective in its potency.

It will bring into activity the work of the world groups. Such groups have ever been battlegrounds. The successful group has eventually turned out to be one composed of kindred souls who are all thinking alike, because no one thinks with intuition, but who are governed by some school of thought, or because some central figure in the group dominates all the rest, hypnotising them into an instinctual, quiescent, static condition. This may be to the glory of the teacher and of the group, but it certainly is not to the glory of God.

New groups coming into being by the Law of Elevation

Today the new groups are slowly and gradually coming into being and being governed by these soul laws. They will, therefore, strike a different note and produce groups, which are welded together by a united aspiration and objective. Yet they will be constituted of free souls, individual and developed, who recognise no authority but that of their own souls, and submerge their interests to the soul purpose of the group as a whole. Just as the achievement of an individual has, down the ages, served to raise the race, so a paralleling achievement in group formation will tend to raise humanity still more rapidly. Hence (6) this law is called that of Elevation.

In these groups the members supplement and fortify each other, and, in the aggregate of their qualities and capacities, they should eventually provide groups capable of useful spiritual expression, and through which spiritual energy can flow, unimpeded, for the helping of humanity. The work to be done is very largely upon mental levels. The spheres of daily service of the individual members of the new groups remain as their destiny and inner urge indicates upon the physical plane; but - to the differing fields of individual effort - there will be added (and this is the point of importance) a group activity which will be a joint and united service.

• Each person in such groups has to learn to work in a close mental and spiritual cooperation with all the
  others, and this takes time, given the present point of evolutionary development of the world aspirants.
• Each has to pour forth love on all, and this is not easy.
• Each has to learn to subordinate his own personality ideas and his personal growth to the group-
  requirements, for at present some will have to hasten their progress in certain directions, and some must
  slow it down as a service to the others.

This process will take place automatically as the group identity and integration becomes the dominant thought in the group consciousness, and the desire for personal growth and spiritual satisfaction is relegated to a secondary place.

This contemplated group unity will have its roots in group-meditation, or in the contemplative life (in which the soul knows itself to be one with all souls).

This in its turn will work out in some form of group activity, which will constitute the distinguishing contribution of any particular group to the raising of the human race esoterically.

Within the group life, the individual will not be dealt with as such by those who seek to train, teach and weld the group into an instrument for service.

A transmitter of soul energy

Each person will be regarded as a transmitter of the type of energy which is the predominant energy in any ray type, either soul or personality rays. Each can in time learn:

To transmit the quality of his soul ray to the group, stimulating his brothers to greater courage, clearer vision, finer purity of motive, and deeper love, and yet avoid the danger of vitalising his personality characteristics.

This is the major difficulty. To do this effectively and correctly, we must all learn to think of each other as souls, and not as human beings. Therefore, we have the following objectives in the group work of the New Age. The later and more esoteric objectives will emerge as the earlier ones are reached:

A. Group Unity - This must be achieved through the practice of love, which is part of the practice of the Presence of God, through the subordination of the personality life to the group life, and constant, loving, living service.

B. Group Meditation - These groups will eventually be grounded in the kingdom of souls, and the work done will be motivated and carried forward from the higher mental levels in the demonstration of the contemplative life. This involves the dual activity of the life of the disciple, wherein he functions consciously both as a personality and as a soul. The life of the personality should be that of intelligent activity; that of the soul is loving contemplation.

C. Group Activity - Each group will have some distinguishing characteristic and this will be dedicated to some specific form of service.

When the groups are properly established (and the time is imminent) and after they have worked together subjectively for a certain necessary period of time (to be determined by the quality of the life of the individuals composing it, and their selflessness and service) then they will begin to function outwardly (i.e. externalize) and their life aspect will begin to make its presence felt.

The various lines of activity will emerge when the group vibration is strong enough to make a definite impact on the consciousness of the race.

Therefore, it will be apparent that the first and foremost requirements are group integrity and group cohesion. Nothing can be accomplished without these.

The subjective linking of each group member with each, and the emergence of a group consciousness is a vital objective for the next few decades. Thus there will emerge a group circulation or transmission of energy, which will be of real value in world salvage.

For the individual it should be remembered that purity of body, control of the emotions, and stability of mind are fundamental requirements and should be the goal of the daily practice. Again and again we must come back to these prime character requirements, and we urge upon you the cultivation of these qualities.

Through these groups it may be possible to restore some of the ancient Mysteries, and they will be found among the emerging new groups.