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Cosmic Magnet and Cosmic Fire

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Hierarchy - the Cosmic Magnet - and the Teaching of the Heart

We affirm that the spirit transmutes all qualities and harmonizes all tensions. The transmutation of the centers is tensified by the fire of the spirit, and the creativeness of the centers is focused on the assimilation of the higher fires. As the manifested vessel, the heart admits the currents of all the most subtle energies. Thus, the harmonized currents are absorbed by the all-containing Chalice. Hence, the currents absorbed by the center of the Chalice correspond to the higher energies; and the transmission of the psychic energy are accompanied by reverberations. The higher tension corresponds to the higher fires. Thus, the spirit creates unceasingly.

Only the key of the heart and the achievement of self-sacrifice makes life out of a vibration. Only the striving to independent action can develop the sensitiveness of receptivity. Therefore, the spirit imbued with quest can ascend. Only the vibration of the heart creates. One can create only through the vibration of the heart. The greatest power lies in the magnet of the heart. Through it we seek, through it we create, through it we find, through it we attract. Thus, Our close co-workers, having accepted the beauty of the Teaching, will be strengthened by the magnetic vibration.

The date of the shifting tenses all fires:

  • The fire of thought is attracted toward reorganization.
  • The fire of the spirit strains unassimilated energies.
  • The fire of the heart strains the spheres of indignation which are striving to the power
     of reorganization.


Therefore, when the creativity of Cosmos encounters hindrances, a new channel is created.

The heart assimilates all energies directed to it. The heart expresses all strivings in life. All cosmic energies are attracted to the heart. Those who deny the conscious attraction of the heart deny the significance of the Magnet. The Spatial Fire is impelled to the heart, and in this principle is comprised the entire cosmic process. Hence, Cosmos dwells in the attraction of the heart. Only the energies based upon the attraction of the heart produce life. Thus, the life chain is endlessly forged by the heart.

The life-creating force of the heart is most powerful, and it may be said that it is a magnet. Thus, creativeness of the heart is the propellant to consummation. Only these attractions saturate the cosmic creativeness. Thus, the cosmic heart quivers in the atom. When the consciousness awakens, the Chalice resounds. Therefore, Our path is paved by the heart.

The heart is the receptacle of all the finest energies. The subtlest currents resound upon the heart.

How majestic is the law of the vibration of the heart! How majestic is the law of unity! How majestic is the law of spirit and consciousness! Therefore, when the force of unity is asserted, the opposing forces become tense. The manifestation of Light approaches. The predestined will be fulfilled.

The vibration of the heart expands like a magnetic wave of spirit. The vibration of the heart expands like a ray of light. In all cosmic manifestations, the Magnet of the Perfect Heart attracts. Only the lever of the heart can direct the action toward the true source. When the ray of consciousness contacts the Spatial Fire, the cosmic vibration enters into life. Therefore, the conscious direction of the ray of the heart will lead to creation. Thus, the cosmic attraction is imbued by the Heart of Cosmos. When the vibration of the heart strives to create, the energy of the Cosmic Magnet responds to that striving. Thus, conscious attraction will produce a boundless striving.

The vibration of the heart draws the spirit toward its destination and tenses all the levers which attract the spirit to that which is determined. Therefore, when creativeness is impelled to the manifestation of consummation, the heart resounds. Each vibratory striving thus affirms a response, and the ray sends a corresponding vibration. Therefore, the sensitiveness of the heart affords assimilation of the rays that are sent. Certainly, when a concord of vibrations is established the ray does not cause fatigue. Thus, one may say that identicalness effects harmony.

The chain of causes and effects strains the fiery lives. As a rushing torrent, the fiery consciousness awakens the creative impulse. The chain of causes and effects strains the fiery centers. Therefore, the manifested processes are drawn near by the Cosmic Magnet. That is why the centers vibrate so greatly and the rays are reflected upon the heart.

Indeed, We value sincerity above everything. The word which does not contain the affirmation of the heart is void.

As powerful as Cosmic Fire

The magnet of the heart is as powerful as the Cosmic Fire. 
The Book of Life contains the manifestation of all vital fires. 
The heart carries in itself all imprints of the Book of Life. 
The heart carries in itself the beauty of Be-ness and boundless cognition. 

Verily, the attainment of the heart affirms all possibilities. Verily, the attainment of the heart forges all the best steps.

Preserve your heart in purity, in order that We may enter there and surround you with armor. Remember that if you give in spirit to the Lord what has been taken from you, He will reward you a hundredfold. Thus, direct your thought to the Lord and let the Lord enter your heart. Without the Lord it will be narrow in the empty heart, and, like peas in a dried sheepskin, wrath will jar within the empty heart. Fill your heart with the Lord so fully that no enemy can force his way through. Peace unto you.

For the evolution of the spirit the fusion of consciousness and heart is needed. When the forces are disunited, the spirit cannot act. Therefore striving for fusion of the subtle energies is so needed.

What is the treasure of the heart? Not only benevolence, not only compassion, not only devotion to the Hierarchy but consonance with the Cosmic Consciousness when the heart, besides its own rhythm, even partakes in the cosmic rhythm. Such a heart can be trusted; it possesses straight-knowledge, it feels and knows, and as a manifested link with the Higher World it expresses the indisputable. The manifestation of the treasure of the heart is also very important for the formation of the subtle body. 

One may have an unconquerable host, one may have irreplaceable co-workers, true, only temporary ones, but beyond the conditions of corporeal life.

Let us mark the people who perceive with the eye and understand with the conscious vision of the heart. They will strive far and, as it were, draw themselves to a far-off beacon. These anchors for far-off navigation are so valuable.

The heart filled to the brim with love will be active, valiant, and will expand to its capacity. Such a heart can pray without words and can bathe in bliss. How greatly in need is humanity of the realization of the fire of love! A purple star of the highest tension will correspond to this fire.

Let us see how people understand Service to the Lord and Hierarchy. He who thinks of ascending only by prayer is far from Service. He who in his labor hopes to bring the best efforts for the good of humanity must adopt the Lord with his heart. He who does not relinquish his own comfort does not know how to serve Hierarchy. He who does not accept the Indications of the Hierarchy does not understand Service. Only when the heart is ready to accept consciously the affirmation sent by the Highest Will can it be said that the realization of Service is adopted. Thus, We are no lovers of funereal rites and of empty invocations to the Lord. Thus, We venerate the striving of disciples to the Service of Hierarchy. Hence it is so easy to observe how the one who does not accept the Service in spirit venerates the Lord and Hierarchy only so long as the way is convenient to him. Thus, We take into account each effort to remove the burden from the Hierarchy; as in the great, so in the small. Thus, in Our creativeness, We affirm reverence not in words but by deeds. Thus, We deplore it when We see reverence in words but not in action.