Sun Sign:                    Aries the Ram, the sign of beginnings

Rising Sign:                Determined by the horoscope and based on the moment of birth.

Opposite Sign:            Libra, the balance.

Esoteric planet:          The ruling planet of the rising sign, whichever that may be.

Seed Thought:            Not given here.

Symbol:                      Given later in this paper.

 - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

Notes on this relationship:

1. The Sun Sign: Aries indicates the equipment and setting of the pledged disciple. The disciple is here consciously treading the path.
2. The Rising Sign is Virgo, in this instance, representing the type of Soul energy. It connotes the activity of the indwelling Christ. The Soul seeks control of form.
3. The Opposing Sign: Libra represents monadic energy. It signifies the will to achieve balance.
4. The esoteric planet, Vulcan, veiled by the Moon, expresses the will-to-be, in this case to manifest as the Soul. The Moon, transmitting Fourth Ray force, expresses the will-to-struggle in order to be.

The keynote of this meditation is the evocation of the Will coming from the Monad, evoked by the Soul, registered by the personality.