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A master's group discipleship

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A Master’s group and true discipleship

The group of a Master is a focus of power, built up by the Master in three ways:

1. By the potency of His Own thought life, evoked by His response to the united hierarchical purpose and a growing ability to respond to Shamballa.

2. By His ability to integrate the centre of power (His group for which He has made Himself responsible) into the immediate activity of the Hierarchy.

3. By His wisdom in His choice of collaborators. His group of disciples will be effective in world service and useful to His Superiors just in so far as He employs judgment in gathering together the men and women whom He is preparing for initiation.

We use the word "initiation" here because we want all disciples who read these words to realise that initiation is not something which they undergo as a result of any training, which they may receive from a Master or because they have reached a certain stage of advanced evolution: 

It is a process of continuing integration into centres of force, i.e., into a Master's group, into the Hierarchy as a whole and consciously, and - as disciples attain adeptship - into Shamballa.

So, a Master can be greatly hindered or aided in His work for humanity by His choice of disciples. They should ponder on this fact because in so doing the process of decentralisation will proceed more rapidly and their love and service will consequently increase with a paralleling certainty and surety.

We would have all disciples grasp this clearly and so get into their consciousness the idea of contribution, watching their thought life with care, so that there may be in it that which will increase the potency and purity of the ideal which at any time is dominating the group and which will be of such a quality that it will precipitate that "pool of thought" with which all disciples can be in rapport and entitled to use.

A Master's group is a centre of energy into which the disciple is precipitated and that its effect upon him, as a personality, is eliminative and evocative.

Those two words cover the life of every disciple. They are singularly descriptive of what is happening to humanity, as the process (so long foretold) of externalising the Hierarchy and restoring the Mysteries upon the outer plane, is slowly proceeding. The Hierarchy is essentially the group of the Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara); it is His Ashram. In this statement lies the enunciation of a relatively new truth as far as human knowledge is concerned.
Before the Hierarchy can work more openly and with fuller recognition by mankind, there must be the elimination of all hate and all sense of separateness and the evocation of good will and right human relations as the result of the activities of all disciples. The widespread recognition of the evil, of war and of errors in every national policy make it possible eventually to produce a general attitude which will clear the way for the needed right adjustments. It is the same process of awakening and of consequent strife, which disciples experience in their individual lives and which prepare them for the stage of accepted disciple.

The vortex of force into which the disciple is plunged (by right of his own effort and the decision of his Master) gives him a needed training in the handling of those energies which are the substance of all creation, thus enabling him to contribute to the creation of the new world. There is always a new world in process of forming. The keynote of the work of every disciple can be summed up in the familiar words: "Behold, I make all things new."

True disciples develop their own vision

How much of your present so-called vision is dependent upon what others have seen and how much you discovered for yourself by climbing arduously and earnestly the Mount of Vision and (from that eminence which you have arrived at alone) looking out over the horizon towards the next peak of attainment for humanity?

• A disciple becomes an Accepted Disciple when he starts climbing towards the vision, towards the
  mountain-top. He can also register consciously what he has seen and then begins to do something
  constructive towards materialising it. Many throughout the world are beginning to do.
• A man becomes a World Disciple in the technical sense when the vision is to him an important and
  determining fact in his consciousness and one to which all his daily efforts are subordinated. He needs no
  one to reveal the Plan to him. He knows. His sense of proportion is adjusted to the revelation and his life is
  dedicated to bringing the vision into factual existence - in collaboration with his group.

So it is a gradually unfolding process up to a certain stage.

After the stage of World Discipleship has been reached, it is no longer the vision which is the dominant factor but the field of experience, of service and of achievement.  Ponder on this.

There is both an unconscious deflection towards the vision and a conscious orientation towards it. There is one aspect of the vision, which is oft forgotten by many disciples. That is:

The necessity - inherent in the right appreciation of the vision itself - for each who records it to become "bestowers of the vision."

The moment that that takes place, the whole situation changes. Through the thoughts of all beginners runs the note of striving after the vision, of searching for it, of ability or inability to contact it and, frequently, the distortion of the vision by defining it in terms of already imparted truths. The attitude of the neophyte is, therefore, based upon the need for vision, upon individual, personal need. But (upon the path of Accepted Discipleship) the disciple must get away from this because it is the path of spontaneous unconscious self-forgetfulness.

The vision, once seen, becomes so important, that how you feel about it and your adherence to it seemingly fades out. You become absorbed in the vision and this absorption takes place upon the physical plane. Both mind and brain are preoccupied with what the soul knows and that is ever vision for the personality.